the gnomies

the gnomies

Quantum Fairy Tales is a nonprofit, all volunteer, all donation, quarterly e-zine showcasing art and literature with elements of science fiction, fantasy, and the supernatural, with weekly website articles and author/artist highlights. It is run by the following strange people.

The Clockwork Gnome – Editor, story spinner, hunchback poet, street runner, queen of all graphics and things that go bump in the night.

Rubyeyedcyborg-e1367608772576The Ruby-eyed Cyborg – Editor, cockroach-fearing zombie slayer, human child wrangler, and red pen wielder.

bionicbansheeThe Bionic Banshee – Editor, blog mistress, mother of munchkins, monster board game collector, Wunderkammer aficionado, and princess dressing Mario masochist. 

PrincessPeepsThe Princess Peeps – Art director, contributor, player of video games, sketcher of dreams. Can frequently be found basking in the red deserts of fairyland.

SabrinaWitchThe Teenage Witch – P.R. enchantress, reader, contributor, lover of sweet things and words, destroyer of scrabble opponents and worlds.

TIMlordThe TIM Lord – Editor, some call him Tim, Master of the Universe, writer of truth and fiction, ink slinging dragon slayer.

QueenBeanThe Queen Bean – Editor, goddess of poetry and all things roasted to perfection, bean brewer and meter slave, driver of hard bargains and mistress of the dangling participle.

En Memoria

fairt_silhThe Quantum Fairy – editor, contributor, gamer, big hairy ghost hunter, and behind the scenes techno dude.

ninja_slihThe Ninja Monkey – editor, contributor, gamer, big hairy daddy and behind the scenes techno dude

seasidespriteThe Seaside Sprite – editor, seamstress in training, minister of marketing, and curly haired muse.