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Strange Charms: Resistance

Strange Charms: Resistance

There is a lot of talk about resistance on the interwebs right now. And just because I love words, I looked it up.

the refusal to accept or comply with something; the attempt to prevent something by action or argument.
“she put up no resistance to being led away”
synonyms: opposition to, hostility to, refusal to accept
“resistance to change”
the ability not to be affected by something, especially adversely.
“some of us have a lower resistance to cold than others”

At QFT, we resist all the time. We refuse to accept life as we know it. We face challenges in our personal lives and careers. We stare hardship in the eye and sometimes it gets the better of us. But then we get up and we create better worlds, worlds with dragons that turn into teardrops, and ghosts of mushrooms past, rocks who take human form, trees who hold secrets and heroes and heroines of unlikely vampires and golems.

We also make sure that even when we are affected by the world around us, we don’t let it stop us. We find our safe places and create beautiful things, whether it be poetry, art, or story form. We protect our creativity from those forces that would stop us and we continue to create.

At QFT, we commend you for continuing to create as well– to draw, to write and to dream. No matter your politics, country, race, religion, creed, or preference for Marvel or DC, there are Gnomies at your back, cheering you on as you make this world a better place.

Because, ultimately, that’s our job as creators– to give the world our heart and soul and dreams. Without those, it’s just dirt and rocks and leaves.

Carry on, Gnomies. Carry on.

Strange Charms – Themes in 2017

Strange Charms – Themes in 2017

In the words of my favorite movie Labyrinth, “Through dangers untold and hardships unnumbered [the Gnomies] have fought [our] way here to”… bring you Quantum Fairy Tales 17th issue! But really, we’ve fought through high winds, flooding, power outages, and giant falling trees to bring you our fall issue. Hurricane Matthew has not been kind to those of us on the east coast, but now the worst is over and the time has come to celebrate!

As part of the celebration, we want to announce some exciting news for the upcoming year. Starting in winter 2017, we will have a theme assigned to each issue.  We felt like this would be a great opportunity to give genres we don’t see enough of in our submissions a chance in the spotlight and have whole issues dedicated to them.

So, without further ado, the genre for our very first themed issue will be…

Drum roll, please…


For our upcoming winter issue (submission deadline on January 15, 2017), please send in all your stories, poems, and art depicting things like sword-wielding mermaids in outer space, time-traveling serial killers, advanced technologies used by alien babies, or other ideas that fit into the sci-fi category.

We will announce the other themed issues for the year soon. Also, just as a note, Quantum Fairy Tales has already received quite a few submissions before making this announcement, and we want you to know that each of these submissions will be considered for the themed issue we feel best fits the story/poem/art.

Have a very happy and spooky Halloween! Now, grab yourself a bowl of candy, and enjoy reading through Quantum Fairy Tales’ fall 2016 issue.

Strange Charms: Here's Lookin' at you, New Year

Strange Charms: Here's Lookin' at you, New Year

Brrr, Baby, It’s Cold Outside

(Yup. We’re talking about the weather. Sort of.)

Okay, winter’s kind of sucked, hasn’t it? Storms like Goliath and Jonas did their mean, stormy things, and we’ve been clobbered by snow, tornadoes, and an omnipresent, “let’s just hide under the covers until it all goes away” gross. Totally depressing, yes, but now is not the time to be depressed.

2016’s finally here, and with the new year comes new resolutions, hope, and an entire year of possibilities. It’s time to look past our doubts and fears. Toss the negativity in the trash and do everything in our power to make our dreams come true. So cuddle up by the fire with your hot cocoa and Quantum Fairy Tales’ Winter Issue, because spring is on the way. We hope you enjoy reading as much as we did!

Here’s to a brand new year! Let’s make 2016 the best it can be!

Strange Charms: Superstitious

Strange Charms: Superstitious

Today is our birthday! The Gnomies turn three years old today, and it’s extra special because it’s also our Lucky Issue Number 13.

Some of you just visibly shuddered (we know, we are watching you) and a few of you bounced in place at the excellent coincidence that our 3rd anniversary issue, also our 13th issue, fell on Halloween.

What makes a person superstitious? Why do we believe the stories we are told by childhood friends and cranky old grannies? If salt burns a demon’s eyes, then why are we afraid of the depths of the ocean? How can the legs of a ladder hold a portal of bad luck waiting to grasp at our clothing should we pass between them? Do the shards of a mirror, sharp and shining, really seal our doom for seven years when it is our fault they are ripped apart? Can my beautiful black cat really curse me as she runs across my path?

I used to worry about these things, but now I choose not to.

After realizing we had to move the date of our wedding up, and failing to locate any vendors for Saturday the 14th, my husband and I took a leap and were married on Friday the 13th. Magically, all vendors were free, we had our pick of location, photographer and cakes. We were warned by some that our marriage wouldn’t last, or that our children would have tails- if we were able to have children at all. But none of this came to pass. We had a blissful wedding and several years since filled with lovely children sans tails. (One has horns, but she’s special.)

Choose your superstitions wisely. Choose your worries and your cares. Choose the fears that will bring you strength and satisfaction, and choose the paths, dark or light, that will thrill you. You have the power. It’s been inside you from birth. You can accept or reject the burdens that are placed upon your shoulders by others. Traditions of terror or cautionary tales, you don’t have to carry them unless they make your life richer.

The gnomies hope your fears are founded in fun and that your superstitions feed your soul with wonder and excitement, never dread, self doubt, and the chains of anxiety. And we hope you enjoy this issue filled with all sorts of dark and light roads. Thank you for sticking with us these past thirteen issues. Let’s all pray we make it to issue number 666.

Happy Halloween!
Clockwork Gnome


Editorial: Strange Charms – Siysphus

Editorial: Strange Charms – Siysphus

In Greek myth, Sisyphus is the guy how has to push a boulder uphill constantly. When he reaches the top, the boulder rolls down the the bottom of the hill and he has to start over. This is eternity for him in Tartarus, the underworld.

The Greeks were better at making up punishments for the guilty than most.

I’m engaging in a little bit of hyperbole here, of course. Primarily in that there are certain goals that can be met with releasing a new issue of a magazine, and then the task is over. Naturally, that’s when work on the next issue starts. But it’s surprising how much work we had to do for this issue that seems like was already done forever with the first issue.

I felt pretty confident in the status of our WordPress code. I thought I had it all together. But even right now I find myself rewriting the basic navigation functions.

It doesn’t help that we put some of the work off for a while. Our first issue was conceived, organized, and published in the space of a month. (No lie, on October 1, 2012 I was talking with the Clockwork Gnome and one of us, I don’t recall which but there’s probably a Google chat log somewhere that would answer the question, said we should start a magazine. And, as you can see, on October 31, at midnight, we had our first issue available.

This time we had three months. And we still put it off.

Still, I think the work is worthwhile. none of us get any compensation for what we do here. And I’m not going to pretend we’re a service for authors. After all, we don’t pay anyone else, either. But I love getting this stuff out in front of an audience. I’m helping spread art and literature out so at least a few more souls will see it than would have otherwise.

I suppose I’m naturally an entertainer. Or else I just like the attention and I live vicariously through a small web site’s efforts. But it’s a lot of fun to be able to share things, especially stories, with other people.

Hopefully, you enjoy being shared with.

Save travel to you all,
The Ninja Monkey

Editorial: Strange Charms

Editorial: Strange Charms

Oh to be published! To find someone who believes in your work! Who thinks you are valuable and you have something to say! To be the one! To be snatched up like J. K. Rowling and cradled in the arms of The Big Six! This is the life writers and artists fantasize about. This is the life that fills our dreams with dinners on Stephen King’s yacht and Sci-Fi channel options for movies!

Oh! To be published! To have a crowd of adoring fans cry out your name from behind a velvet rope at Barnes and Noble! To sign countless copies of books and postcards, watching them snatched up like Halloween candy! To recite your poetry from an old school microphone in front of thousands of weeping fans! To be interviewed by Kelly Ripa and use a word she’s not familiar with… Oh! What a life! What a dream!

Never, never give up this dream. Never let go of these fantasies. Hold onto them and let them push your writing and artwork to new frontiers. Let the fire of your dreams fuel the passion in your prose and art. Let the stars align over your head and point you to that path of complete creative nirvana.

And while you’re at it, take a moment to enjoy the labors of your fellow dreamers, artists, poets, and writers. Quantum Fairy Tales is the compilation of a few specs of dreamer’s dust. These creepy Halloween offerings are the first fruits of our flock and represent some of the finest talent you won’t find at Barnes and Noble or on Stephen King’s yacht. In fact, if you aren’t careful, you just might bump into one of us at the grocery store, or in a PTA meeting. You’ll know us, we’re the ones staring out the window dreaming about what’s for dinner on another planet.

All my love,
The Clockwork Gnome