Quantum Fairy Tales is a nonprofit, all-volunteer, all-donation, quarterly e-zine showcasing art and literature with elements of science fiction, fantasy, and the supernatural, with weekly website articles and author/artist highlights.

The best part about QFT is that real, live gnomies reply with feedback to every submission. By submitting to us, you agree that you have read, understand and agree to the following guidelines.

Rolling Submission Deadlines

Spring/Summer Issue: April 15th
Fall/Winter Issue: October 15th

Special Requests from the Gnomies

  • SpecFic Poetry, Poetry, Poetry! We don’t want to read about your breakup- unless it was with an actual goblin or a necromancer. Now that would be cool.
  • We’re looking for generic illustrations to use throughout the web site. We’re also looking for people willing to donate visual art to go with specific stories.
  • We really like comics. Either as a single row, a single image, or a multipage format. Refer to Visual Arts guidelines for how to get us to consider a comic
  • Want to write a column? Give us some samples using the applicable guidelines for prose fiction.
  • Want to write a non-fiction article, interview, book review, or exegesis? If it’s pertinent to the interests of speculative fiction fans, we’ll consider it. Use the applicable guidelines for prose fiction.


If you would like us to consider your work and send feedback, you MUST follow these submission guidelines. Any submissions that do not comply with the following steps will be thrown to the dragons for dinner.

  • Your writing & art work must fall in the category of SPECULATIVE FICTION for us to consider it, that is, it must contain elements of science fiction, fantasy or the supernatural.
  • Keep it (sorta) clean, there are kids of all ages reading our publication. Think PG13.
  • Include a brief, 2-3 sentence professional bio. If your story is published, this bio will be included.
  • We do accept reprints.
  • We accept simultaneous submissions, however, you must inform us if your piece is accepted elsewhere.
  • We reserve the right to edit as we see fit. (More on this below)

Please submit to us via email:

You must include your NAME, VALID EMAIL ADDRESS, and AGE with each submission – Why do we ask for your age? Because we feature all ages and we want to provide appropriate feedback. We will not publish your age unless you are under 18 years old. We will take your botox secrets to our grave.

We no longer accept snail mail submissions. Sorry. If this upsets you, please contact us and we’ll send you a time machine.

Prose fiction submissions should be 7,000 words or less.
Poetry submissions should be 50 lines or less.

We reply to EVERY EMAIL.

Here at QFT our mission is to help writers and artists like ourselves improve their work and share it with the world. We respond with feedback to every submission. If you do not hear from us within three months of submitting, please resubmit or send us a gentle nudge. Sometimes emails fall through the cracks of our shack in the woods and the trolls get them before we can.

Please note: you own your work. We do not pay for your work. We do not take any legal possession of your work. QFT exists to promote and support the SpecFic community. However, by submitting to us you agree to allow us to publish your work in any issue, anthology or print work QuantumFairyTales may produce in the future. Artwork may be cropped to fit guidelines, however, no major changes will ever be made without the creator’s permission first.

In the words of every Unix programmer ever, RTFM. Everyone who wants us to consider something should read the General Guidelines, Compensation, and Rights sections. They should also read the other sections applicable to their submission’s content. Yeah, I know, TL;DR. But this information is designed to help you, so please pay attention.We keep a dragon at the center of a black hole to dispose of submissions from people who clearly haven’t read all the applicable material. Given a chance, we’ll throw the submitter in there, too.