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How to come up with great creative writing assignment?

Coming up with a great creative writing assignment can help you to get better grades. It also helps you to make a positive impression as a writer. This article discusses strategies that can help you to produce a story that holds the attention of your readers.

Make Sure your First Paragraph Grabs Attention

Readers should be hooked from the first line of your story. Only a few carefully chosen words are needed to set the mood for your story. Carefully think about the type of impact you want to have on your audience when they start reading.

Do you want readers to be sad, happy, excited, or eager to make a change in their lives? How do you want them to feel when the story has ended? All of these questions impact the way your first paragraph will be constructed.

creative writing short story assignment

Memorable movies make audiences cry rivers, or make decisions that change their lives. You can do the same with your words.

For example, “She stealthily approached the darkened building,” immediately sets the mood for a story involving intrigue. On the other hand, “The way stretched out before him as the morning fog lifted,” is an opening line that signals a new beginning for the character.

Develop your Characters Carefully

Every short story has characters, whether those are alive or inanimate. You could write a children’s story about a talking desk. This character is inanimate, but even then, readers would want to know its motivations and its goals. 

If you write about a person, show why they do the things they choose to do whether those are considered good or bad. Your audience will be more involved with your story if they can connect with your characters.

Writers may choose to develop only one character in a story. Your short story will become deeper and richer if you show why a particular supporting character is enchanted by the main character. The story makes more sense when the motivations of all the people involved are clearly understood.

Apply the Psychology of Writing

Writing involves a lot of psychology. Whether you are writing flash fiction or other types of short stories, you must understand what makes people act the way they do. This helps you to create believable characters.

Always do your research. If you are writing about a nurse, learn what he would be expected to do in his role. If your creative writing assignment is about an engineer who has to help build bridges after a war, learn more about what her situation would be like.

Get inside each character’s head. It can be tempting to write about a character that makes this difficult. You can use that as an opportunity to grow by doing your research. Otherwise, choosing another type of character may be better.

creative writing assignment

Use Conflict to Engage your AudienceEvery short story has to provide a reason for an audience to remain engaged until the end. Writers may provide this through some form of conflict. For example, if your short story is a romance, the hero and heroine can encounter an obstacle along the way. Uncertainty over whether they will work through it makes your audience continue reading.

Sometimes a creative writing assignment benefits immensely from the unknown. A woman may move from Calcutta to New Amsterdam and readers want to know how she will adjust to the new culture. Will she find love? Will she interact well with her new community? Not sure if you have written it correctly? If you need assignment help just google a professional service to assist you.

Set Up a Good Plot

A good plot is an essential part of any creative writing assignment. It is important for writers to plan this aspect carefully on their laptops before they even write the first line. 

Make sure that you examine your plot for holes. The things that take place must lead to the end you want. Check facts regarding the setting and characters.

If you are writing about an animal that wants to rob a farm, and you’ve already established that its motivation is greed, the plot must match that. It would make sense for it to enter the farm with a method for removing as much food as possible.

Plot twists really help with your story. Even if it is 500 words long, you can include a good plot twist. Shock your readers, but not too much. Leave them thinking about your story for weeks or months after.

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