Thursday Prompt: Writing with Hashtags

Thursday Prompt: Writing with Hashtags

Tell a story that ends with a hashtag, that can be summed up with a hashtag. Encapsulate its essence into the #. Share it here if you can! Here’s mine: Barky was a good dog. Big and shaggy, he was a favorite friend to any visitor. Barky had one little problem though, he always saw things three seconds into the future. No one could diagnose this, of course, so they all thought Barky was either clairvoyant, knowing when anyone was coming or going before even they did, or really dumb, walking into doors before they were open and eating from empty bowls before the food hit. Barky loved his owners. They took very good care of their best friend. #LuckyBarky

One thought on “Thursday Prompt: Writing with Hashtags

  1. “The Spear fell out of her hand. And it was over. The Second World War had ended and so had the time of Shield Maiden, where she went after that no one knows,” said the presenter on the tv. Alice listened to him talk about the superheroes from the war. “And now it’s on display again. It’s the main attraction in the museum of the MetaHuman here in London. Still stuck to the ground where it fell.”

    Alice’s winched in pain. With great care she shifted her weight a little trying not to hit any of the bruises on her side. He’d never hit her anywhere it could be easily seen. She silently moved for the door while Dan watched the news. It was time.

    Her heart almost stopped as she heard him move. “Get me a coffee,” he called out.

    “Sure,” she said the voice in the back of her head told her to go and get it for him. He’d only get angry and it would be her fault, it always was. Her breath froze in her mouth as her hand reached out and took hold of the doorknob almost on its own.

    Courage comes not from absence of fear, but feeling fear and doing it anyway. Alice had been told that Shield Maiden had said that when the bombs rained on London. She tried hard to keep telling herself that, now was the time to flee.

    A hundred miles away the spear vibrated, a worthy champion.

    “Jeeezers Alice. The dam spear has just taken off,” he called out as she could feel her limbs shake. The door creaked a little and then it was blasted open.

    “What the,” screamed out Dan as he ran to the door, Alice was stood in front of his beloved car. The spear stuck out of the front of it. Pinning it to the ground. Alice could hear subdued sounds around her, everything sounded muffled. The only thing she could hear clearly was the humming that was coming from blade that was stabbed into Dan’s pride and joy.

    If Dan had been bright he would know now would be a good time for to run. He was happy to beat a defenceless woman. But as Alice was now holding the spear in her hand, she was defenceless no more.


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