#SpaceTimeTweets And Other Big Things

#SpaceTimeTweets And Other Big Things

Outer space has become huge lately.

Pause for unrestrainable laughter.

Get it? Because space is always expanding? Despite all the news about Earth-like exoplanets and tourist trips around the moon, cities on Mars and landing on comets, outer space is already pretty big.

You know what else is big? Tweeting.

Tweets are all the rage. Everyone’s doing them, even the…never mind.

Know what happens when two really big things come together? Like two black holes merging? Or two neutron stars colliding? Or two whales going full speed from the depths of the sea to the top of the ocean crashing through the surface and colliding in mid-air?

You get hashtags!


That one’s probably copyrighted. Sorry #Emeril.


Hashtags seem to affect a different area of our brains. We’ve come to identify them as symbols rather than words. They appeal on a more visceral level: #nature brings to mind outdoor images; #birthday is balloons and cake. They can encapsulate a cause, like #CancerAwareness or #EqualRights to bolster a point.

Do you say, “hashtag” in your head whenever you see a hash-tagged word? Pretty sure I do.


That’s a powerful one.

Big thoughts, few words.

All it took was a #hashtag.

Did you just say, “hashtag, hashtag,” in your head? I did, and I wrote it. #fingertalk

Isn’t that what writing is? Fingertalking? Not exactly but sometimes sort of.

Here’s the point of this blog post.

Sometimes it’s fun to write out loud. To be spontaneous. To engage in the fancies of your writerly mind. More like free form storytelling than stream of consciousness, so still trying to tell a story.

Like one about hashtags.

Make up a hashtag describing a spontaneous thought that just popped into your head right now while reading this. Now slam dunk it into the comments section below.

Because you are awesome.


Because you are #awesome.

You decide.


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