“On Submission” Care Packages for Writerly Friends

“On Submission” Care Packages for Writerly Friends

qft-twgiftboxLet’s face it. Any of us who have been there know that being on submission (initial agent querying or seeking publication) sucks. A lot. It’s stressful. It’s exciting. It’s really freaking scary. And oh my goodness, the days just drag and drag and drag. It’s awful. And sometimes it breaks us. It’s at this time that love and support from friends, family, and our fellow writers is the most important (okay, it’s ALWAYS important—support your writer friends always, dudes!!!!!), and anything we can do to brighten their day or show them how much we believe in them is always a good thing in my book.

I was just there. Querying. It went faster than I ever could have hoped, but every single second was still agonizing. Two of my critique partners will be querying soon (can we get a giant round of applause for Pitch Wars mentee and fellow gnomie THE BIONIC BANSHEE, please?!?!), another just took the plunge querying her first book, and my “yammy” sisters (all ten of them) are either on submission for publication or about to be. I made a few for them earlier this week, and I had so much fun, I had to share.


  • Literally anything. The end. (But seriously, whatever comes to mind.)
  • Food and Drink:
    • Candy: I got Crybaby gum and Lifesavers for my girls
    • Chocolate: CHOCOLATE. There are a ton of fun bar flavors out there for the more adventurous, or stick with the classics if you’re not sure. If you know of a preference for dark, milk, or white, give your friend the goods. They deserve it. What I included: a 100 Grand bar (positive future thinking!) and Hershey’s Hugs and Kisses, because you can never have too many hugs or kisses.
    • Nuts: because we’re NUTS!
    • Any other personal favorites you know of.
    • Alcohol:
      • Before I dive into this one, let’s be smart and respectful about this. No alcohol for anyone under 21, and don’t include this if you know your writer friend doesn’t consume alcoholic beverages.
      • You can go as big as you want to here, but I used mini bottles for this. Wine. Champagne. Hard liquor. A beer. I for one don’t think you can ever go wrong with champagne (bubbly things are fun, and then it’s RIGHT THERE when they get THE CALL!), but again, if you know of a favorite, do that.
    • Tea: Herbal. Relaxing. Calming Chamomile. Soothing Peppermint. Some Sleepytime for those nights tossing and turning while they’re waiting for someone to please just email them back already.
    • Hot chocolate:
    • A “YOU CAN DO IT” Card, and do this one right, please. Put a special note inside with all the feels for them qft-twtissuesto look at when they’re sad.
    • Tissues
    • Headache medicine: I used Excedrin for Tension Headaches
    • A Band-Aid
    • A book trinket: anything small that makes you think of their book.
    • An aromatherapy candle
    • A stress ball
    • Love

That’s the most important one I think. The love. I didn’t include everything above, they’re just ideas. Add to it. Remove some. But no matter what you put in your care packages, have fun!


qft-twcardAgain, there are no rules, but here are a few fun ideas:

  • A basket
  • A bucket
  • A cute gift bag or box
  • A mini tote (book inspired would be adorable, but not required)
  • A pencil case
  • Skip the fluff and stuff a shipping box. You can use a smaller box this way and can fill it with goodies instead of worrying about needing room for a basket or whatever.

That’s it. Pretty simple really, and as long as there’s love behind it, you can’t go wrong. I hope you have as much fun creating these as I did!



Have any other great on-submission care package ideas? We’d love to hear them! Leave a comment below!  

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