5 Easy and Inexpensive Cosplay Ideas for Halloween

5 Easy and Inexpensive Cosplay Ideas for Halloween

I know it’s only the beginning of September, but I’m already scoping out ideas for my Halloween costume this year. The way I look at it, now is the time to start scavenging through thrift stores to get prime clothing selection since a lot of people don’t start working on costumes until October. For this blog post, I want to show you some fun and less-expensive costume ideas for Halloween 2016. Hopefully these ideas are ones you can piece together at your local thrift store.

Eleven from Stranger Things: With Stranger Things being such a popular show for 2016, I’m thinking you might see some Elevens walking around trick-or-treating this year. Her costume is fairly simple, but for this look, that pink dress is key. Don’t worry so much about getting every little detail just right about the costume. For example, if you can’t find white Converse shoes, try going with any cheap, white sneaker you can find. If you have long hair, slick it back into a bun to mimic Eleven’s shaved head (or just get a blonde wig). I’ve also seen some great cosplays of guys wearing this costume who aren’t afraid to buzz their hair.

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Black Widow from Avengers: You don’t need to spend lots of money on a leather jumpsuit for this one. Spandex pants and a form-fitting black jacket will give the same effect. All you need is a red wig to top off the look.

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Misty from Pokemon: This one is such a simple and inexpensive costume, and you might already own a pair of jean shorts too! If you already have jean shorts, all you will need is a yellow tank, sneakers, red suspenders, and a hair elastic for that killer side ponytail.










Finn/Fionna from Adventure Time: This costume is relatively simple minus the headpiece. There are tutorials online on how to make the hat if you want to go that route; however, there are also different places online to purchase this part of the costume for pretty cheap.

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Elliot from ET: You don’t need a bike to pull off this costume. The essential parts of this costume are a red hoodie, a basket, a while blanket, and printout of ET.








Well, there you have it! Hopefully reading this post has your mind thinking about all the creative costumes you can put together this year. Do you have any simple and inexpensive costume ideas? Please share in the comments!

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