SLC Comiccon Scholarship! – Writing is My Super Power

SLC Comiccon Scholarship! – Writing is My Super Power

Clockwork Gnome here with a very special Thursday writing prompt. If you know a teen author, you’re going to want to forward this to them.

September 1 – 3rd I’ll be working the floor and panels of Salt Lake City Comiccon, one of the biggest comiccons in the US, and I want to meet YOU! So, Quantum Fairy Tales is sponsoring a scholarship to the event. The only catch is that this contest is only for teens.

(All of the adults are whining out there. I’m sorry. You can still come. We will have lots of swag for you!)

Quantum Fairy Tales has partnered with Teen Author Boot Camp for this event. They have a whole line up of classes and panels just for teen authors! It’s an amazing experience, and kids get a three day pass for only $45 – a great deal for any comiccon nerd – and every gnomie knows how much we love teen writers! So we’re going to sponsor one of you and pay for your three day pass to all of SLC Comiccon and the Teen Author Boot Camp events (all are happening at the Salt Palace).


Ok! Ok! First, leave a comment on this post telling us why you love Commicon, then send us (using our form) your flash fiction story of no more than 2k words about someone with a unique super power. The winner will not only receive a free pass to fun and excitement, but also a spot in our fall issue of QFT. Can’t beat that!

If you are a kid, GET WRITING! If you are an adult, TELL A KID!
(p.s. we have been known to pick more than one winner)

FINE PRINT: Contest is open to anyone who is able to provide their own transportation and lodging to the event in Salt Lake City, Utah. You must be a teenager (age 13-19) in order to participate. Winner chosen must register at

Contest closes August 25th. You have one week. GO!

Leigh Statham and Steampunk Batman – SWOON!- at Oak City Comiccon

Even if you aren’t a teen, or you don’t win, I’d still love to see you at SLC Comiccon. Look for me at the Teen Author Boot Camp booth, or on the panels for both events as Leigh Statham. I’ll be the crazy one in the steampunk attire who is probably lost.

7 thoughts on “SLC Comiccon Scholarship! – Writing is My Super Power

  1. Yay, I’m still 19 I qualify! I’ve never been to a comicon before, but I love the idea of all the geeks and nerds getting together and completely letting that crazy side of us fly.

  2. My husband and I just came back from the Star Trek convention in Las Vegas. He had an original starship model in the 50th Anniversary gallery–50 Artists–50 Years. The U.S.S. Bellwether. Inspired by Star Trek but his original design and concept. The photo you showed reminded me of the convention. 10,000 people–9,000 in some kind of costume. I wore a Trek T-Shirt each day with something no one else had–starship earrings. My husband’s designs were turned into Keepsake Ornaments by Hallmark and there were also 6 Keepsake miniature ornaments. Perfect for earrings!

    1. That is AMAZING, Tina! How do we get our hands on those?! I’m a huge Trekkie. I can’t wait to William Shatner’s autograph on my Captain Kirk barbie doll!

  3. In truth, I’ve never been to ComicCon before, (I had to look at the picture just now to even see if I was spelling it correct) but I’ve always wanted to check it out and see what it’s like! There’s so many cool stars that come to these ComicCons! I remember seeing in an ad last year that Chris Evans, AKA CAPTAIN AMERICA was attending Salt Lake and I was so bummed I didn’t get to see him! But now, seeing the list of amazing authors and actors that are going to be there, I’m so excited and I really hope I can attend! 🙂

    1. What? I sent that comment August 25th at night! Why is it saying I sent it the next day at a time I’m not even awake yet?! 🙁 😉

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