Golem Laughs

Golem Laughs

Task: Bring More Mirth Into the World

Five minutes after rising from the earth,
Golem heard a joke
told by his creator
who couldn’t help chuckling to himself
before reaching the punch line.
Golem laughed silently
not wanting his mountain-sized chuckles
to drown out human laughter.
Then he felt heavy blows of quiet.
None of the other listeners
chortled, smiled or even snickered.

Feeling his maker’s pain,
Golem released
laughing gas into the room.
Fumes like fingers reached out,
tickling the senses of those
who chose to sulk.
Their lips started twitching,
their eyes bulged,
their heads tilted toward the ceiling
as they hooted, guffawed and howled.
What a sidesplitting joke!
While the gas cleared,
Golem slipped away, leaving
a book of Favorite Jewish Humor

One thought on “Golem Laughs

  1. Again, it is an honor to be part of this journal. The imagination and creativity of the writers and artists are always impressive. Beautiful issue!

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