Gnomie Roundup: Unicorn DreadPool

Gnomie Roundup: Unicorn DreadPool

In solidarity with the Clockwork Gnome, whose summer adventure involves trying dreadlocks for the first time, the team asked to join her. Clockwork Gnome generously dreaded up all the Gnomeis. Some of the immediate responses were:

The Queen Bean: I think we should title these “reggae unicorns.”

Princess Peeps: Yes…We look so goddamn majestic… Like beautiful reggae unicorns.

The Teenage Witch: Omg they’re amazing!

The TIM Lord: SO amazing!

Clockwork Gnome: I didn’t think you could get any prettier, Tim… I was so wrong.

Ruby-eyed Cyborg: This is the best thing EVER!

Bionic Banshee: Don’t be surprised if this inspires all of our readers to start getting dreads too.

And without further ado, here they are. You’re welcome.

qft-dreadsArlia  qft-dreadsGwenqft-dreadsEmma  qft-dreadsPhoebe qft-dreadsSabrinaqft-dreadsTim  qft-dreadsLorinqft-dreadsSarah



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