Thursday Prompt: Summer Love

Thursday Prompt: Summer Love

So, I’ve got summer on the brain. And I have had quite a few interesting conversations about how the warmer weather heats up our hearts and our loins. Maybe it’s the fact that we strip down to nothing but stretchy underwear and get wet in front of each other, or the fact that we travel more and meet new, interesting people? Whatever it is, summer is just as conducive to love and lust as the cold months of winter are, maybe even more so.


That brings us to our prompt. Have you ever had a summer romance? A chance encounter with a stranger that led to nothing but a sweet memory? Maybe a regret? A sweet regret? Maybe you’d like to have a summer romance, or you have an idea for one? The bright sun and traditional water sports don’t lend themselves to many paranormal romance situations, but maybe they could. A siren could sing a song and lure you off the lake. Maybe a ghost stalks you in the woods while you are camping. Maybe that ghost is very good looking and your tragic affair is stunted by space and time. Maybe it’s an atomic summer love story. Just you, a sweet girl, and the last can of beans on earth. Do you give her the last bite?

Make it short, long, rhyming couplets, or imagery, we want to know your summer love story.

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