Thursday Prompt: What Do You Do?

Thursday Prompt: What Do You Do?

It’s a cool summer morning and you’re on your way to the local middle school to speak to their creative writing class. You’re all set to go. You’ve got writing samples and free copies of your newest book and a grande triple latte fueling your enthusiasm. As you pull into the drive, the rising sun shines through your windshield. You wince so hard, you can barely see, so you shuttle into the nearest parking spot you can find. You open your door and step outside.

As you blink aside the big black dot that’s burned into your vision, an even more ominous silhouette apqft-TimLord Writing Promptpears. A towering dragon with golden metallic scales, burning red eyes and bloody teeth is perched atop the school. Even the half-full latte you’re holding seems dumbfounded. Suddenly a green portal appears across the parking lot, but the dragon sees it. Two people leap from it: a young woman in shimmering robes and a grayed, weathered man in charred, blackened armor. Before they can react, the dragon breathes, blowing them twenty feet across the pavement, stunned and barely conscious, but alive.

The man’s sword clatters ten feet away, and a narrow stick the length of your forearm bounces off your car and lands at your feet; it has intricate runes carved into it that glow as you stare at it. You hear a bell. Morning recess. Excitedly oblivious kids stream from the side door and onto the playground. The dragon cranes its long neck and leers at them. It shifts its weight. You know it’s about to pounce.

What do you do? Share the rest of your story in the comments!

2 thoughts on “Thursday Prompt: What Do You Do?

  1. Are you kidding?
    I’ve played stick-fighting before and once I fenced for about twenty minutes. Oh, I also went to Medieval times, but no, I’m not really proficient in medieval swordsmanship.
    So of course I pick up the wand. I assume it’s a wand. I’m not going to think about that anymore because that dragon is about to eat those kids.
    I’m pretty sure.
    Oh! It’s definitely powerful. It vibrates in my hand. I look at the symbols — I can’t tell if they are inlaid or bold, even as my hand encloses them, they feel like both sunken and raised — they shine with a bright bluish light, those letters or words or runes or whatever! They’re supercharged to the max!
    I point it at the dragon.
    The woman in glistening robes raises her hand from the ground. She is regaining consciousness. I cannot decipher her meaning, except I hope she is signaling me to press on.
    I aim the stick and shout, “NO!”
    It fills me with electricity — like the shock from an electrical outlet — but one that I can control! I have power over this power!
    I aim it at the dragon.
    It sees me.
    Kids scream.
    It leaps.
    Wings drop just as its belly grazes the earth into a trench thirty feet long. The dragon doesn’t notice. Not a speck of dirt or grass clings to its shear, scaly body.
    I hold the wand. The runes grow brighter. I can tell they are about to unleash something! I just hope it happens soon.
    In the distance, across an ethereal wind, I hear, “No…”
    The dragon raises its claw as it swoops toward me. Its head has already passed over me and neck snakes by so speedily it seems like slow motion.
    I hold up the wand and close my eyes.
    Suddenly I am weightless.
    I prevailed! The dragon must have went up in smoke!
    I open my eyes to find myself soaring overhead, clutched in the dragon’s claw, plucked like a ripe dandelion and ready to be blown into oblivion, or maybe it will just bite my head off.
    Its talons are as long as my leg, and skin as smooth as ice but infinitely hard.
    Its grasp doesn’t hurt. I can hardly feel it as I’m dragged through the air like a rag doll, but it definitely has me. What it will do, I cannot tell.
    For a moment it seems preoccupied, turning suddenly in mid-air.
    Then there is a sword in its shoulder, as quickly as my eyes could comprehend. I look to the ground, and see the hardened warrior’s stare upon the beast.
    The woman stands next to him.
    Only as the dragon grows noticeably smaller do I realize I am falling. My arms spread. My back toward the ground. How far up I am, I cannot tell.
    This is like a terrible dream, but when I’m falling in those, I wake up.
    What will my obituary say?
    The dragon looks really ticked off at that sword in its shoulder. It’s having a hard time staying aloft.
    Good for you! I think, giving it the finger. Then a cushion softens my acceleration. Something slows my fall to that of a feather. The dragon looms before me like a giant balloon.
    Whatever spell she cast will give the dragon a chance to swoop down and finish me off before it takes out our now-weaponless foes. It still has her wand in its grasp.
    I shake my head about my now-prolonged demise, possibly at the talons of the mightiest creature of nature’s manifestation. If only I could write a story about it!
    A whisper pierces my head; it seems to penetrate the entire area, coming from all directions with a growing, echoing volume.
    That’s what the elvish mage said, but what I heard translated in my head was, “Goodbye.”
    I guess she was hoping that meant something to me. Wishing me a quick ending? How kind.
    Instead, flashing light shined from between the dragon’s claws. Even in the morning sun, this erupted like a star in its hand.
    The wand!
    She was saying goodbye to the wand!
    A globe of pure white light emanated from its palm and enveloped the magical beast, wand, sword, dragon and all.
    Then it imploded and disappeared in a clap of crystal clear thunder.
    I was about to hit the ground according to the tree line, when two shock absorbing arms leveled me from horizontal into vertical.
    The warrior stood with his hands on his hips as the mage lowered me to the ground.
    She looked like an elvish wonder woman in shimmering gowns that never provided a solid outline to her appearance.
    “Thanks,” I said.
    She nodded. “My wand,” she said.
    I nodded back. “I know,” I said. “Good move?”
    Then she shook her head. “It was going to self destruct because you grabbed it. If anyone else ever tries to use it, it feeds back all of its energy upon itself and self destructs into what you saw — a mini supernova. Thanks a lot.”
    The warrior chuckled sarcastically. “What about my sword!” he yelled belligerently.
    “Come on,” she said. She cast one more glance at me with her steel white eyes, and then turned suddenly, flicking up her arm.
    Another portal appeared, yellow this time.
    He leaped into it, saying, “We better get another sword first!”
    Without another look, she strode into it and was gone.
    All the fireworks. All the turmoil. All the commotion and supernatural creatures and people and such, all gone.
    It’s just me and a half-full latte standing at the corner of the parking lot with a bunch of kids on the other side of the building having recess.
    No biggie.

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