Thursday Prompt: Designing a Commonplace Book Page

Thursday Prompt: Designing a Commonplace Book Page

Hello again, dearest readers! It is a fine as feline Thursday and that means it’s time for another prompt to get your creative juices flowing. This week’s prompt has to to with the blog post I wrote on Tuesday, entitled “A Commonplace Practice for the Not So Commonplace.” For those of you who did not read it, you can go back to your boring, unenlightened existence.

Kidding, ha-ha!… Mostly.

Anyway, this week’s prompt has to do with Commonplace books, so if you don’t know what that is, you can take a moment to look at my blog post or Google it if you want more information. As for those of you beautifully enlightened beings who read my post, here is what I want you to do:

Find a quote or an image you like, analyze what it is about said find that you appreciate, and than plan how you would put that into a commonplace book.

Like I said earlier this week, these pages don’t have to be pretty, they just have to mean something to you.

Now Go! Have fun storming the castle (and by castle I mean books, TV, movies, art, the internet, whatever)!


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