Friday Finds: What I’m Loving This Week

Friday Finds: What I’m Loving This Week

Here are a few things I’ve enjoyed reading and thinking about this week:

1.The surprising habits of original thinkers, a great Ted Talk by Adam Grant, HERE.harry-potter-wedding-03.w529.h793.2x

2. Awesome post by Anne Allen about ways writers sabotage themselves, HERE.

3. Check out this $65,000 Harry Potter wedding. Makes me wish I’d had the foresight to rent an owl when I got married!

4. Shameless plug. My blog post about MFAs was included in this week’s DIY MFA roundup. Also, you can pre-order the awesome DIY MFA book HERE.

4. Check out this amazing 3D pavement art by Jullian Beever. In addition to being fun to look at, there are japwhale-itons of art and story ideas hidden in there!

What are you reading, watching, enjoying, and thinking about this week?

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