Gnomie Roundup: What We're Reading

Gnomie Roundup: What We're Reading

For this month’s roundup, I asked the Gnomies what they’re reading now and what they think about it. I got a wide variety of responses, so if you’re looking for some new reading material, check out their suggestions!

Six of Crows by: Leigh Bardugo

I don’t normally read fantasy, but this book came highly recommended. It took me a few chapters to figure out what in the world was going on, but now I’m hooked and I can’t stop staring!

Plus, who doesn’t love an author named Leigh???



THE QUANTgR-TheColorOfMagic.ChrisUM FAIRY:
The Color of Magic by: Sir Terry Pratchett

It was given to me the day after Sir Terry died, by a guy I used to have beers with, and I finally got around to reading it. What I love so far is the total flipping of the fantasy genre on its head.

It’s a bit gritty and morally gray, despite the title, and highly entertaining.



Room by: Emma Donoghue

I could not put Room down and ended up binge reading it in two days. This doesn’t happen too often when I read books, but I felt like I was living the story while reading it. There were parts that were so suspenseful that my heart was seriously pounding in my chest. Emma Donoghue is an amazing writer, and I especially feel she did a phenomenal job of telling the story from a 5-year-old’s perspective. I have a young child and I feel like the author was spot on with how a child thinks.



Half-Resurrection Blues by: Daniel Jose Older

Half-Resurrection Blues is my first foray into dark urban fantasy. I’m not too far into the book yet, but so far, it’s gritty, funny, and action packed. It has fantastic voice, a lot of diversity, and really unique characters.

Plus, I’m reading it with this zombie mom bookmark given to me by Clockwork Gnome, and that makes reading everything more exciting!


White Noise by: Don DeLillo

So I’m actually rereading this wonderfully introspective book called White Noise by Don DeLillo. What I find so beautiful about this story is how it tackles the concept ofGR-WhiteNoise.Phoebe death: on the one hand, the main characters dread it’s coming, but on the other hand they are reminded that death gives life more meaning. It makes us grateful for the precious time we have left.

Also, it was the inspiration for the name of one of my all-time favorite bands, “The Airborne Toxic Event”, which references one of the key themes in the story. Seriously, stop whatever you’re doing, find an abandoned rooftop under an overcast, starry sky, and listen to “Sometime Around Midnight”. It’s a religious experience. Or just listen to the song wherever you are now, I guess….

THE TEENGR-Anna-dressed-in-blood.SabrinaAGE WITCH:
Anna Dressed In Blood by: Kendare Blake

This is the first book in a very long while that I’ve picked up, started reading, realized I was already to page 50, and got sad that I had less than 300 pages to go before it was done. Cas is so cool and fun to follow around, the voice is amazing, and the characters are so alive, and despite all the crazy ghost-hunting drama, it makes me giggle at the weirdest times. Supernatural fans—this one’s a must-read! I just want to hop in Dean’s Impala and hunt down all the things that go bump in the night.

Now it’s your turn! What are you reading?


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