Drawing Prompt.

Drawing Prompt.

OK, related to yesterday’s post about sketching to get ideas, I want you to draw one of your characters.

First of all, inability to draw is irrelevant. This is for you only. And it’s not for aesthetic purposes. It’s to learn.

And if you still feel uncomfortable about drawing, come back and look at my sketches to remind yourself that I’m dead serious about how artistic ability has no bearing on this activity.

You’re going to sketch your character, or if you feel like it, a location or creature or something in your fiction. And you’re going to look at your sketch to see what you learned about your fiction from it.

Ability doesn’t count, but don’t do stick figures. The point is to spend a few minutes working on it, not a few seconds.

And remember, this isn’t gospel. If you don’t like what you learned, don’t use it. Change it. But this is an opportunity to learn.

If you really just will not sketch something, here’s a few more of mine to get you thinking. Note that these are my characters, so you can’t steal them, but you can use them for inspiration and study.

First, the Clockwork Gnome. One of our staffers.


Then a self-portrait.

Ninja Monkey

An extremely well armed cockroach.

Rambo Roach

And the Super Texan. The pencil’s a bit light, but that’s a 20-gallon hat. He’s too big for a puny 10-gallon hat.

Super Texan

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