Not an Expert? No Problem.

Not an Expert? No Problem.

You don’t have to be an expert on everything.

Often in your speculative fiction you may want to include some real science.
But what if you don’t know much about quantum mechanics? What if your formal scientific education was a high school chemistry class?

Hollywood has this problem too. Most directors and screenwriters are not scientists. There is a group of scientist consultants that Hollywood works with called the Science and Entertainment Exchange. You can check out their website HERE.

Talking to a real scientist or expert in a specific field about what you’re writing will help your story become more accurate and believable.

You may not be able to work with a big shot scientist from the website, but chances are there is an expert near you already that would love to talk to you—maybe a high school teacher or grad student at a local university for example. As a physics grad student, I know I would love to talk science with anyone who wanted to know more.

So, instead of having the pressure of becoming an expert yourself, look around and find a nearby expert and get their ideas on how to make your story better.

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