Gnomie Roundup: Creative Spaces

Gnomie Roundup: Creative Spaces

Are you ever curious about other peoples’ creative spaces? What makes them tick? How they come up with their ideas? Well, then, today’s your lucky day! Here’s your chance to take a voyeuristic look at the gnomies’ creative spaces. We hope you’ll enjoy a glimpse into our lives!gwenClockwork Gnome: I need to see the sky while I write. I don’t care about the chair or the desk, but I need the sky.

Sarah's spaceRuby-eyed Cyborg: This is my multipurpose desk where I write, sew, work, plan meals, practice guitar, and apply my makeup if the bathroom is occupied.


phoebePrincess Peeps: When I’m doing something creative I like the occasional distraction of my music and the world outside my window; it keeps me tethered to reality just enough to make my ideas convincing.

Sabrina.deskTeenage Witch: Because there’s nothing quite like a “Unabomber” wall of characters for inspiration and to help me through the tricky spots.


ericsdeskNinja Monkey

emmadesk copyBionic Banshee: When I’m writing, I like to be surrounded by objects that inspire me, characters I love, and places I’ve traveled.

4 thoughts on “Gnomie Roundup: Creative Spaces

    1. Haha! Thanks, Sarah! It was funny because as I looked at each of them, I was like, oh, I love Gwen’s spot by the window, brilliant! Sarah’s old desk is AMAZING! Why don’t I have a window seat like Phoebe? I need a unibomber wall like Sabrina! Eric’s surround setup is perfect! So I think we all have awesome spaces, and it’s fun to see how they each fit our personalities. Next we’ll have to move onto the bedrooms. 😉

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