Thursday Prompt: Revel in the Moment You'll Succeed

Thursday Prompt: Revel in the Moment You'll Succeed

Clockwork Gnome here again. I had the privilege of spending a few days with Jennifer Jenkins this week. She’s a co-founder of the amazingly successful nonprofit organization, Teen Author Boot Camp, and a fantastic YA author. Her debut novel, Nameless, is a super fun read—an epic battle for survival between rival clans, plus a little romance and intrigue. Go check it out.

But I didn’t want to talk to you about a great read or an amazing charity, I wanted to pass on some advice I got from Jen this week. We visited a few schools and spoke to a LOT of kids. We talked about reading anquoted books and life in general, but mostly we talked to them about success. Jen and I have both accomplished a lot of big goals, dreams even. We are successful in a couple of aspects of our lives, but we worked our butts off to get there. We had a million rejections and bad days and do-overs, but the bottom line is that we kept trying. And I hope all of you out there in Gnomie land keep trying too.

What is your goal right now? What is your dream? Today, instead of focusing on all the crap and rejection you will have to slog through to get there, let’s jump right to the good stuff. Imagine you are at that moment of success. You did it! You have arrived!

Now tell us how it feels. Walk yourself through the moment of realization and acceptance. Is there a trophy involved? A check? A diploma? Get to the good stuff and revel in it for a moment.

Then get back to work.

Clockwork Gnome

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