Son of a Pitch Starts Monday!

Son of a Pitch Starts Monday!

soap-FINALReady for Son of a Pitch? Round #1 starts Monday!Once again, here are the agents and the publishers involved. You can find short blurbs on each of them by visiting the archives HERE, where one has been posted every Wednesday.

Week 1 starts Feb 15, 2016:
This first week is a chance to refine your query and first 250 words, then post them on your blog. Once it’s on your blog, you’ll then go to this blog during the week of February 15, where there will be a post about the contest. Post a link to your site in the comments, and don’t forget to leave feedback on a minimum of three other queries and first 250.

We can’t wait to see what you come up with! Here are the formatting details for the post on your blog:
Title: (Name of Manuscript)
Age and Genre: (YA/NA/Adult and Genre)
Word Count: (to the nearest thousand)
Insert query here. No bio please.
First 250 Words:
Either from a prologue or chapter one. That’s up to you.

Join us next week. We’ll be prowling the blogs to see what everyone is up to!

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