Thursday Prompt: Playing with Music for Inspiration

Thursday Prompt: Playing with Music for Inspiration

Hey readers! As promised at the end of Tuesday’s post, I’m back with one last musical tip! Ready?

Pick a song. Any song. Okay, wait. Not any song…it needs to meet a few specific requirements for this to work as well as we want it to:

  • You have to like it. You’re going to listen to it more than once, so keep that in mind.
  • It has to have lyrics. The more poetic, the better. (Some of my personal favorite groups for this: Imagine Dragons and The Civil Wars.)
  • It needs to make you feel something.

That’s it.

Give yourself about 20-30 minutes for this, stick your chosen song on repeat*, and start writing.

Write about how it makes you feel. Write about what it makes you think. Listen carefully to those lyrics. Is there a line that really grabs you? Why? Expand on it. Play with it.

This is fun too: Find a word in there and replace it with its antonym. What does that do to the meaning? What does that do to you?

*If you’re still having a hard time writing and listening at the same time, print out the lyrics, listen to it a few times, and then set the volume low enough to allow it to fade into the background.

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