This Issue's Contributors

This Issue's Contributors

Randi Anderson

RandiAnderson-writerprofileRandi is a writer, musician and semi-polyglot who moved to Siberia because — why not? When she’s not knee-deep in Russian shenanigans, she blogs about books and poetry on her website,




Atraxura Atraxurais an asocial and asexual aspiring artist with a deep love for darkness; for everything gloomy, forlorn, melancholic, funereal, and tragic.





Tiffany England

Tiffany-England-Profile-PhotoI am a fantasy illustrator specializing in whimsical watercolors. Currently I work out of the American Southwest illustrating stories inspired by nature, folklore and mythology. My work has been shown in numerous published books as well as at galleries from coast to coast. Most of my free time is spent drawing monsters, chasing after bugs and romping through moss.



Michael Goldstein

Michael GoldsteinMichael Goldstein is a 31-year-old Gunner’s Mate Second Class in the US Navy and a mathematician. He dabbles in science fiction and has had short fiction published in The Fringe Magazine, Postcard Shorts, and Mad Science Journal.




 Tina Hacker

Tina wanted to be Cinderella. When that didn’t work, she tried to sneak aboard the Starship Enterprise. When that didn’t work, she put a model of the Enterprise on top of her wedding cake and married a fellow Trekker. Her writing will enter earth’s atmosphere in a book of poetry titled Listening to Night Whistles with a release date from Aldrich Press of October, 2014. Her chapbook, Cutting It,was published in 2010 by The Lives You Touch Publications. Her editors are out of this world.

Zoe KaplanZoe Kaplan

Zoe Kaplan is a sophomore English major with minors in Biology and Women’s Studies, because she likes too many things to choose a viable career path. She has worked for several short fiction publications, including GAMS, The Peel, Lightspeed Magazine, and Best American Science Fiction and Fantasy, as well as the neuroscience journal, Impulse. She loves princesses, cats, books, and punching things, and she’s always up for a Lord of the Rings marathon.

Nichole King

Nichole KingNichole King is your typical aspiring artist/animator going to college because apparently that’s just what you’re supposed to do. She’s still pretty shy about showing off the vast majority of her work (because like the typical artist she winds up hating it five minutes later), but through the self-loathing and long stretches of artist block she occasionally manages to grind out something she can be proud of enough to show to the world. And that’s what we see here. More of her work she was proud of (or forced to post because of classes) can be found at

Christina ‘DZA’ Marie

Christina 'DZA' MarieChristina ‘DZA’ Marie is currently a college student studying history and social justice. Or rather, she’s learning about how messed up the world was back then and how it continues to be today. She enjoys writing about things like that, but changing the KKK into mean dragons and Martin Luther King Jr. into a nice dragon. Or aliens. It depends on her mood. She has a blog called Dragons, Zombies, and Aliens at She likes dogs, sushi, and knitting, and she really likes it when you follow her on social media. She hopes you enjoy(ed) her story and that you’ll get in touch!

Kaos Nest

Kaos NestI’m 23 and Italian. I’m a traditional illustrator, for the most part self-taught. I spent the past years (and I’m still doing it) travelling and living with different people in remote places, learning new skills, looking carefully at the world around me. I’m very interested in artisan jobs, in fact I worked as goldsmith and furniture maker and I engraved too for a while. Future project: comics and big illustrations.

Kaos Nest is deeply related to norse mythology and greek tragedies. I try with my style to resonate Hesiod’s idea of chaos: a moving, formless mass from which the cosmos and the gods originated.

Erin O’Shea

Erin O'SheaErin O’Shea is a full time nurse, living in the mountains of North Carolina. Her Irish grandmother left her the fairy tales from her girlhood, which serve as inspiration for her current work.





Chloe Pecor

Chloe PecorMy name is Chloe Pecor and I’m 13 years old. I’m stuck in Middle School (8th grade) until summer finally gets her act together and comes to save me. I
have been writing poetry and riding horses since I was little, I love to read and pound my heart out on the piano, and enjoy annoying my older sister. I have always written the beginnings to short stories, intending to finish them, but always forgetting. “Wings” is one of the lucky stories to be completed and make it onto paper, or in this case, online. My writing companion is my adorable kitty.


Grace Russell

Grace Russell IDGrace is a freelance Illustrator based in London. Her work combines disparate pieces of collage with paint and charcoal to create evocative imagery that is both playful and controlled; the careful interplay between the figurative and abstract give her illustrations a unique visual language that hints at underlying themes and provokes questions to be asked.

Grace graduated with a First class BAHons degree in Illustration from the University of Westminster, winning the Achievement Award in her first year. In 2014 she won the V&A Illustration Awards Student Category and was featured as one of Reyker’s emerging artists. She has worked with a range of clients including the V&A museum, Therapy Today, Voyeur (Virgin Australia/Pacific Magazines),Tablet Magazine, SOFFA, PRN Magazine, Sony and P&G.


Jonathan Ryan

JRyanJonathan Ryan is an author, columnist, blogger, and member of the Horror Writers Association. His debut horror mystery novel, 3 Gates of the Dead (Open Road Media), earned multiple rave reviews including, New York Journal of Books, Midwest Book Review, and the Library Journal. Book two in the 3 Gates series, Dark Bride, has just been released from Open Road.

Just recently, he was asked by the estate of Charles Williams to write an introduction for the re-release of the famous Inkling’s novels on e-book through Open Road.

He currently lives in Notre Dame, Indiana where he works as an editor at Ave Maria Press.

H.R. Sinclair

H.R. Sinclair writes urban fantasy and weird, sometimes really weird, fiction. You can visit her at

Mathew V. Spano

016e0a6332b13bcaa7ac409c5349a2745e759c8ccdMathew V. Spano is a Professor of English Composition and Literature. Over the past twenty years, he has published poems, essays and short stories in various literary journals, magazines, newspapers and anthologies, from “Frogpond” to “The Los Angeles Times.” He finds inspiration in fly-fishing, dream analysis and literary




Teenage Witch

SabrinaP.R. enchantress, reader, contributor, lover of sweet things and words, destroyer of scrabble opponents and worlds.




Keith Thompson

Keith Thompson is the award winning illustrator of the New York Times bestselling Leviathan trilogy by Scott Westerfeld. He has designed many video games including Borderlands and Warframe, as well as feature films for director Guillermo Del Toro including Pacific Rim, Crimson Peak, and The Strain television series. When not traveling around the world, Keith lives in Ottawa, Canada where he is often seen carrying piles of books between his library and studio.


Emily Vakos
Emily VakosEmily Vakos is a Sci-fi and Fantasy writer, currently working on her first novel. She is also an average Midwestern girl who loves dogs and coffee. You can contact her via her Facebook page,
or her email, 


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