Cream of Fool Ivan: A Recipe

Cream of Fool Ivan: A Recipe

To a boiling beetroot stew, add:
a pinch of the skin of the teeth
of mountain air (Caucasus ©, fresh)
four tails of witches sopped in milk of bear
one eye
two cups of twice-minced rain
from a mountain’s shadow (dried)
five field-mice stuffed with labor pains
and a cowherd’s neighbor’s wolf, best full of cow.

Stir in
one tickled-to-death
one drowned-in-a-puddle
and of course, one Fool Ivan
(de-veined; remove the horse).

For garnish, sour cream—two dollops set aside.

Stoke high the fire;
avoid the oven.

I can’t stress that last note enough.

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