New Year's Creative Prompt

New Year's Creative Prompt

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“Goals are dreams with deadlines” (Diana Scharf Hunt) is a quote I have hanging in my office. I love the idea that no matter how big we dream, we can usually get there by giving ourselves goals and deadlines. As creative types, it’s easy to dream big. It’s sometimes harder to set realistic expectations and hold ourselves to them. In today’s prompt, let’s take some small steps toward making those dreams a reality.

Today’s prompt:

1. Set three specific goals for 2016 (get a literary agent, start your own web comic, finish drafting four short stories, read fifty books, etc.). They can be anything. Did you write them down? Great. Now go to step two.

2. For each goal, list two specific ways you will get there (read one chapter a day, write 500 words a week, buy new paint supplies). Only two. Two tiny things that, when made part of your focus and part of your routine, will make all the difference in achieving your goals for 2016.

And when you realize those goals? You’ll be a step closer to living your dream.

Good luck! I’m tossing flecks of sparkly gold karma in the air and blowing them in your direction.

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One thought on “New Year's Creative Prompt

  1. Read 30 NEW books (I know that’s super low. I suck at reading lately.)
    – Read a book every two weeks
    – Read a few chapters at night before going to bed

    Finish writing two new 75k word novels
    (In 2016 there are 249 days, if you don’t count weekends and public holidays. Because even goals need a break, right?)
    – Write 650 words per day (Also a low goal. Hopefully I’ll do more, but it gives me room to screw up and still stay on track)
    – Write in the morning, before the day takes off and ruins my plan

    Publish a short story
    – Write one short story per month
    – Submit each story to ten magazines

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