Character Development 101: Homework Assignment #42

Character Development 101: Homework Assignment #42

Welcome back, students! Based on Tuesday’s lecture, you have an assignment related to what we learned about character development: develop your characters in a social setting. I see you groaning back there, Jeremy! Just for that, I give you a D-! I’d give you an F, but that would only mean having to see you again next semester!

Alright, I’ll cut the schtick. Basically, today’s prompt is to write a short story about your characters sitting down to a meal. It can be anywhere, eating any cuisine–if you make them sit down to eat shawarma, you get extra credit (okay I know I said I would stop but that’s the last one, I swear). Just imagine what they would order, what the conversation would be like, who would argue over the check, who would be the one to make all of the food from scratch, who would simply order takeout. The world is Oysters Rockefeller!

Class dismissed! (Dammit). Happy Thanksgiving everyone!

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