Strange Charms: Superstitious

Strange Charms: Superstitious

Today is our birthday! The Gnomies turn three years old today, and it’s extra special because it’s also our Lucky Issue Number 13.

Some of you just visibly shuddered (we know, we are watching you) and a few of you bounced in place at the excellent coincidence that our 3rd anniversary issue, also our 13th issue, fell on Halloween.

What makes a person superstitious? Why do we believe the stories we are told by childhood friends and cranky old grannies? If salt burns a demon’s eyes, then why are we afraid of the depths of the ocean? How can the legs of a ladder hold a portal of bad luck waiting to grasp at our clothing should we pass between them? Do the shards of a mirror, sharp and shining, really seal our doom for seven years when it is our fault they are ripped apart? Can my beautiful black cat really curse me as she runs across my path?

I used to worry about these things, but now I choose not to.

After realizing we had to move the date of our wedding up, and failing to locate any vendors for Saturday the 14th, my husband and I took a leap and were married on Friday the 13th. Magically, all vendors were free, we had our pick of location, photographer and cakes. We were warned by some that our marriage wouldn’t last, or that our children would have tails- if we were able to have children at all. But none of this came to pass. We had a blissful wedding and several years since filled with lovely children sans tails. (One has horns, but she’s special.)

Choose your superstitions wisely. Choose your worries and your cares. Choose the fears that will bring you strength and satisfaction, and choose the paths, dark or light, that will thrill you. You have the power. It’s been inside you from birth. You can accept or reject the burdens that are placed upon your shoulders by others. Traditions of terror or cautionary tales, you don’t have to carry them unless they make your life richer.

The gnomies hope your fears are founded in fun and that your superstitions feed your soul with wonder and excitement, never dread, self doubt, and the chains of anxiety. And we hope you enjoy this issue filled with all sorts of dark and light roads. Thank you for sticking with us these past thirteen issues. Let’s all pray we make it to issue number 666.

Happy Halloween!
Clockwork Gnome


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