Comics Writer Gail Simone on the Bare Necessities of Writing

Comics Writer Gail Simone on the Bare Necessities of Writing

I read a lot of comics. I read a lot of web comics. There are some web comics that have the potential to be truly truly brilliant (and there are others that are truly brilliant). But something I see so very often is web comics that make huge jumps in story — sometimes this manifests and failing to introduce a character, indicating a change of scene, or outright hopping over to a different story arc. Some of those comics have fans that still seem to follow what’s going on — and I think these are the ones that rely on message board/comment discussion for moving the story. But you know what? That’s bad writing. I shouldn’t need to know external matter to understand your 3 daily/weekly/whatever panels.

You need to learn how to do your storytelling, comic writers.

And you know what? This doesn’t at all excuse prose writers. Same principles. You may not want to drop in a detail because it’s mundane, but you have to be very careful about what details you leave out, because we need some of them.

Anyway, I say all that to introduce this tweet stream. Comics writer Gail Simone (Swords of Sorrow, Secret Six, Red Sonja, Batgirl, Birds of Prey, etc) spent some time today giving out some really fantastic and free advice on writing comics, connecting the dots, establishing scene, and so on. Simple statements, but lots of truth. Please, writers (of comics, movies, stories, blog posts, etc) take some notes here.

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