Golem Takes a Cruise

Golem Takes a Cruise

Task: Evaluate the experience.

Golem wore diamonds, silk and Chanel
to the Grand Dining Room
and left generous tips,
so her personal waiter and sommelier
hovered over her each night.
At the all-you-can-eat buffet,
no one complained
when she put 20 pieces
of lox on her bagel.
And ate 12 bagels.

After a few martinis,
she braved the swimming pool.
Her swan dive drew applause
from other tourists as she rose
in triumph from the now muddy water.
She didn’t care
that she was missing a toe.

She liked the casino best.
Despite blotchy fingerprints
on dice and cards, Golem was popular.
Her bets complemented
her size that grew bigger every day.
She never turned in a critique
of the cruise. Rumor has it
that she won a million dollars
and is sunning in Fiji.


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