Hurry Up & Wait

Hurry Up & Wait

I’m up to my eyeballs in edits and slush for the Summer issue of QFT. The team is digging through submissions as fast as we can right now, but we’re still getting emails from artists, poets, and writers asking – DO YOU WANT ME OR NOT???


The answer is – I DO NOT KNOW!

Well, for some of you, I know. But it isn’t time to send out replies yet. Everything has a time and a season here at QFT. We roll in a very carefully organized fashion with lots of time for pool breaks. (The unicorns get restless if we don’t let them swim every afternoon.)

What I do know is – I FEEL YOUR PAIN!

I’m a writer myself. I’ve sent out submissions and queries like a bat on fire and received nothing but crickets from most of them.  It hurts! It kills the little goblin inside of me that is aching to run full speed into the next contract and publication.

But it’s a necessary evil. Just like the big bad wolf, the wicked witch of the west or Voldemort – you’ve got to have the bad in order to appreciate the good. We have to work our tails off and jump through the hoops, then wait. And wait. And wait. And wonder. And wait. And most importantly, keep creating.

Are you sitting down? I have FOUR books out with folks big and small right now. FOUR. WHOLE. BOOKS. I can do nothing with those books until I hear back from those people. Nothing. I have to sit on those stories, maybe write down a few ideas, but really, if I want to make the most of my time, I have to wait. And chances are very likely that all four will get back to me at the same time and my brain will explode.

So in the mean time, while I’m sitting around on my thumbs waiting to hear about my books, I’m reading your stories, going over your poetry, helping sort through your art, and the team is working hard to put together something wonderful for you to read this summer while you wait.

And I can tell you one other thing I know for sure – QFT is the only webzine (that we know of) that replies to every single submission with a personal reply and advice for those who are not accepted for publication. So, sometimes it takes us a bit longer to get back to you. But we hope what you are receiving means something to you. Please remember that it takes a lot to skip the form rejection mode of publication. It takes time, effort and brain cells that a lot of us are running short on (in all three areas) but we are happy to give them to you. And we are very happy that you are sharing your art with us.

Just remember that while you wait, for us or anyone else to get back with you, to stay busy. Start something new. Join a writing group. Try a writing prompt. QFT has great prompts every Thursday. Or hey, join the Unicorns in the pool. After all, life is what happens while we’re waiting around.

One thought on “Hurry Up & Wait

  1. Sigh. I’m SO there right now. The waiting game is the worst. I can’t even imagine being you with your four projects out right now. The best cure I’ve found is to work on something else. Every time, getting excited about a new project is the only thing that makes the waiting less horrendous. Good luck to you, and good luck to all of us who thought pursuing a creative career was a good idea!

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