Thursday Prompt: Finding your Secret Space

Thursday Prompt: Finding your Secret Space


On Tuesday I talked about podcasts that inspire me as a writer, and I can’t believe I left off my very favorite one! TED Talks! They are the best. Honestly, if you’ve never listened to a TED Talk, just do a Google search and find anything that sounds interesting. There are hundreds of them. I like them because they’re short, fascinating, and have a huge range of topics that can inspire ideas or inspire you as a creative person (like this list of 10 talks from authors).

Today’s writing prompt involves one of my favorite talks for writers, Mac Barnett’s Why a Good Book is a Secret Door.

Listen to the podcast, you can listen online or on your phone or wherever, and inspired by his talk about stores of pirate goods and time travel, tells us about a place you’ve been that inspire you as a creative person. Write it down in great detail–all the tiny little particulars–and use your five senses to relive what it’s like to be in that space. Give your reader a sense of why you feel inspired in that space by showing, not telling, all about it.

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