My Unofficial Guide to Anime Character Design

My Unofficial Guide to Anime Character Design

Konichiwa, readers! (That was lame, why did I say that?) For this entry, I am taking you on a journey into the world of one of my favorite styles of art and animation: Anime. Recently I was selected to be a part of Ignite Phoenix, which is a group that gathers Arizona’s most passionate citizens to stand on a stage in front of hundreds of people to give a 5-minute presentation about anything that they are passionate about. Basically, I got to geek out over Anime in front of hundreds of people for 5 minutes. If you guys are interested in my take on Anime character design, you can watch it on YouTube:

And if you liked that, please consider watching the other presentations from this year, and even previous years if you’re in the mood for a binge. The other presenters were fantastic people and delivered even more fantastic speeches.

Please don’t judge me too hard. If it impresses anyone, I drew nearly all of the slides… The only ones I didn’t draw were the second, third, half of the fourth, fifth, and sixth (the cute Anime Rapunzel). The rest is ALL me, baby!

Now with the time constraints, I couldn’t really talk about everything that I know about Anime character design. 5 minutes may seem like a long time to you, but when it comes to something you’re passionate about, it’s a challenge to say the least. Its like when you really want to talk about something but your listener’s ears explode after five minutes (true story). What do you hope they got from your talk before they could never hear anyone talk again? I may be a little addicted to the genre—heck, I’ve got an episode waiting for me when I finish this post! Must. Work. Faster.

I kid, I kid (not really).

Hopefully you all enjoy my nerdy ramblings! Maybe one of these days I’ll write up an in-depth guide to Anime character design if anyone is interested. But what I’ve learned from working with Ignite Phoenix is how to prioritize information. I feel like it has helped me realize what is worth putting in my writing and what I could do without if I had to. Hmmmm… I smell a Thursday prompt coming on….

Thank you all for reading! Have a totally tubular Tuesday.

3 thoughts on “My Unofficial Guide to Anime Character Design

  1. Your video is so fun! I’ve seen the timed slide presentation format a lot lately, and your take on anime was a great one! I love how you distilled anime down to simple shapes with exaggerated features and that you defend it as an interesting and worthwhile art form. You convinced me! But my favorite takeaway? That you’re adorable! Thanks for the entertaining and humorous post. I loved it!

    1. Thank you so much! It warms my heart to know that my presentation could get people to finally appreciate something so near and dear to me: my cuteness. Haha just kidding!

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