Strange Charms

Strange Charms

Spring is here once again. Outside everything is changing, waking up, warming up, and getting ready to bloom. People are walking around red-eyed (not because they are cyborgs) and sneezing. Little animals are being born, gardens are being planted, and the gnomies are dusting off their winter chops; editing, sorting, sniffing and changing things up.

First of all, this is our last issue with the incomparable Seaside Sprite. She leaves a hole in our hearts, but she is off to take the world by storm with her good deeds of charity and her smile. No, really, I’m serious. She’s heading to Ghana to spread her sunshine on a new continent. All the Gnomies wish her the best of luck and thank her for her years of service.

But with that goodbye, we also offer a big a warm Gnomish “Hello!” to Princess Peeps. She is the amazing artist whose artwork graced the cover of our premier issue, and now she is our new Art Director. You can all look forward to many great images in the issues to come and we hope to have her around for a very long time.

So with that, we give you our eleventh issue, and we look forward to your comments and submissions. You guys keep us hopping, just like fluffy little spring bunnies.



Clockwork Gnome

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