Feature Friday: Metalalia

Feature Friday: Metalalia

When we were approached by Metalalia, we were excited to learn about their fairy tale focused app. We poked around at their website and found that they do a lot of cool things that coincide with what we try to do here at QFT. You should check out their site! And just for QFT readers, here’s a fun interview with Alexander Nicholson, founder of Metalalia, to tell a bit more about their story.

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  • How did Metalalia get started (and where does the name come from)? 
AN: Metalalia started when my partner Pam and I were separated by visa issues. Though I wanted to live and work with her in LA it was impossible at the time. In order to feel closer we began writing to each other’s art: her music to my stories, and vice versa. When we had the thought of trying to publish them together in an e-reader, we found that no e-reader on the market provided the flexibility we required. Luckily, our friend Adam
Metalalia Pam and Alex
Schwem, a veteran app developer, was ready to help us.

The name is Greek for ‘stories told after’. We thought it was appropriate for the tales we were retelling in new ways. Metalalia is going beyond books, creating a blended storytelling experience to engage readers like other stories cannot.
  • Tell us a little about yourself and how you got involved with Metalalia. 
AN: I was the kid who went to other children’s birthday parties and spent my time hiding in their bedrooms reading their book collections. I’ve always been passionate about writing and telling stories. I was thrilled when Pam asked about scoring my fairy tales. She has such an intelligent and empathic approach to writing accompaniments.
  • What does Metalalia bring to the speculative fiction community? How is it unique?
AN: We don’t think anyone is doing quite what we’re doing with mixedMetalalia media storytelling at the moment. There are people like Neil Gaiman and Francesca Lia Block who do wonderful retellings of fairytales with contemporary spins. There are more artists than I can name who produce fantastic, genre-bending pieces that capture the imagination and transport you to worlds you’d never imagined. There are bands like The Mechanisms who create fantastic stories with music. But no-one has combined these elements into something you can carry around in your pocket.
  • What is something really exciting about you or Metalalia that we may not know?
AN: We’ve got some very exciting collaborators lined up. We opened submissions for stories and reached out to some of our favourite creators, and the response has been thrilling! We don’t want to give anything away yet, but the clues are out there.
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