Real Life Super Heroes

Real Life Super Heroes

Ruby-Eyed Cyborg told me about this awesome article on Listverse about regular people who have decided to become super heroes. No lie. These guys and gals have fancy suits and everything. Some are trained in martial arts, some are just armed with an extreme sense of justice and pepper spray. My favorite outfit is definitely Wheel Clamp Man, although I’m not sure I can support his mission.

Wheel Clamp Man! Freeing illegally parked cars from a life of ugly boots!

My favorite heroes are definitely the ones who risk their lives to stop drug dealers and car jackings, or take time to feed and cloth the homeless.

But here in my home state of North Carolina, a story is slowly spreading about a different kind of hero. Kids, with no place to go to school, making their own way against the odds in a very special place.

Dynamic Community Charter School is the first charter school (read: FREE) for exceptional children in North Carolina. Sure, there are a few private schools if you need extra help for your special needs child. But the majority of special needs parents can’t pay their astronomical fees. Add to that a worn out, underfunded, and under staffed school system, and you’ve got a recipe for disaster. Thousands of families already home school in North Carolina because there are no acceptable schools available to their children, but there are even more who can’t afford to quit work and stay home with their kids. Dynamic is the first school of its kind and it has an uphill battle against the very people who should be thrilled that a group of parents is tackling this monumental issue.

We here at Quantum Fairy Tales believe in this vision: appropriate schooling available to all children. But in many states in America, this isn’t a reality and there are few people willing to put on a crazy suit and fight for it every day.

I hope you’ll take a moment to visit Dynamic’s website, share their story, make a donation, or just go out into your community and smile at someone. Do something GOOD today. We are all potential super heroes, tights or no tights.




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