Writing Prompt: Show, Don't Tell

Writing Prompt: Show, Don't Tell

For this week’s writing prompt, I wanted to piggy back off my latest blog post about showing vs. telling.

Here are a couple of “telling” sentences. I challenge you to incorporate description into these sentences and leave your best one in the comments. Have fun!

1. Sarah ran down the labyrinth path, passing strange creatures as she tried to rescue her brother from the Goblin King.

2. Ron dropped a lizard’s eye into the potion, plugged his nose, and drank it.

3. Hal opened the airlock and jettisoned Dave into space.

4. Make up your own descriptive sentence.

One thought on “Writing Prompt: Show, Don't Tell

  1. Sarah sprinted through rough grey passages, past a one-eyed puff ball, then something that may or may not have been a lizard giraffe, but it was no use; the Goblin King would surely be eating her brother for dinner by now.

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