Introducing Princess Peeps!

Introducing Princess Peeps!

Sad news: Quantum Fairy Tales bid a sad farewell well to Starhorse, our fantastic art director for the past year. Our many thanks and good wishes go with her. Good news: she is being replaced by Princess Peeps.

The Hero in Me

Peeps is an artist haling from Arizona, the vast land of dry skin and cacti. She has an obsession with video games and animated movies and hopes to do one day do something with that love.

“I want to go into either the field of animation or game design, but I enjoy working with traditional media and am more comfortable with it.”


Peeps loves to take any commissions! You can check out some of her other works at DeviantArt. If you have any requests, feel free to contact her there or at

In the mean time, Peeps will be coming to a website near you looking for great new talent to showcase here at QFT. Keep an eye on this one, folks. She’s going to go very far!


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