The Sith Lord’s Lament

The Sith Lord’s Lament

Destiny lied.
We had them in our grasp. Everything was perfect. Planned.
Rebels. I underestimated them—again.
Who could have fixed the Millennium Falcon that fast?
No chance she could make the jump
with a deactivated hyperdrive.
How could the same titanium screws
that sustain my arms, legs, lungs
cost me my son?
We are the pawns of our parts.

I didn’t alter the fate of the galaxy today.
Captain Solo survived, Fett earned his pay—
Seven hells, is that psycho the galaxy’s only competent hunter?
He disintegrated Luke’s family, my family.
Oh, and his absolute insolence about his beloved bounty!
But we go back decades—he knows far too much about me.

A nice Alderaniaan cabernet would be perfect now.
If I could smell or taste the rich cherries.
I’ve only tasted metal for twenty-two years.
Need to seem angry and pensive on deck. Pacing is good.
Pacing looks like I’ve got a plan. I don’t.
I am a great black bird
with terrible wings. Breathe.

I can’t remember my love’s face anymore,
only her soft voice and skin like honey.
Padmé would be proud of our son and hate me all the same.
How many have I killed over the years? Mother, do you forgive me?
I gave them all quick deaths. For you, always you.
I wish the same mercy for myself.
I’m certain Fett showed Owen and Beru mercy.

Admiral Piett holds his throat,
afraid I’m going to Force-choke him
and smash his breadstick body into the bridge shield.
What a smarmy sycophant, but he is creative.
I think I’ll keep him.

Why couldn’t Luke give in to the Dark Side?
Found and lost in twenty minutes.
After he escaped the carbon freeze,
I had to show my cards,

had to cut off his sword hand.
What kind of nut jumps down a reactor core?
I am a complete disappointment.
How can I overthrow the Emperor now?
That son of a bitch can read
all of my thoughts and is always two light jumps ahead of me.
He’s going to birth a Bantha. No, make that three Banthas.
Yes, I’ll tell him I went completely overbudget
on the Skywalker retrieval mission. I’ll just redouble my efforts
and crush the Rebellion in a few swift strokes.

Blast. I hear the tap of Piett’s boots.

Lord Vader, the Emperor is on Line 1.

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