Because it came up….

Because it came up….

Quantum Fairy Tales…

  1. … has four or more issues (we have 9),
  2. at least one of which released in 1014 (there were 4),
  3. and is published on a volunteer basis (none of the staff are paid, we do it because we love it, and access is free)

That means we do qualify for a Hugo Award in the Fanzine category.

I only bring it up because I was asked.

I would say that more importantly, if you are eligible to nominate for the Hugo awards, you should pay attention to our content. Most all of the textual works qualify in the category of Best Fan Writer (a fan writer is basically someone published in mailing lists, fanzines, semipro publications, or similar — unless that work was also published professionally). The artists certainly qualify for Best Fan Artist.

A few of the works we published were also published elsewhere, such as Tina Hacker’s Golem poems (published October 2014 in Listening to Night Whistles) — these poems or stories do not make the writer eligible for Best Fan Writer.

On the other hand, much of what we’ve published counts in some category, generally speaking Best Short Story (anything up to 7500 words).

You can learn more about what’s eligible for what category on the Hugo Award web site. I urge you, if you have a WorldCon membership, to participate and nominate the works and creators you think are best — if they were published by us, that’s great, but don’t nominate because they were published by us. If you think we deserve it, nominate us. If you don’t think we deserve it, nominate someone else.

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