Thursday Writing Prompt: What's to like about Speculative Fiction?

Thursday Writing Prompt: What's to like about Speculative Fiction?

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I haven’t been with QFT long, but when I had the chance to join, I jumped on it because, hello, Quantum Fairy Tales is the coolest

blog name EVER!

No, but really, I’m pretty new to all things Speculative Fiction, which is an umbrella term for genres such as Science Fiction, Fantasy, and Horror—genres that often get a bad rap because they’re stereotyped as nerdy or weird or lowbrow.

But, I think it’s all about the presentation. I didn’t grow up watching Star Trek (I’ve even been called un-American because I’ve never seen the original Star Wars movies), and I can’t stand epic fantasies.

However, I wrote a thesis on Whedon’s Firelfy, some of my all time favorite films are The Lord of the Rings trilogy, and I whole-heartedly adore horror. Many people who wouldn’t watch or read the other genres, love remixed Fairy Tales like Ella Enchanted, Cinder, Atlantia, and so many more.

My point is, I think Speculative Fiction, in the right form, is for everyone. It doesn’t have to be hardcore—it’s just anything that contains supernatural, fantastical, or futuristic elements.

For example, I told my sister to try Orphan Black. She said, “It’s a science fiction thriller. Do you not know me at all?!?” It’s now one of her favorite television shows because the science is such a seamless part of the story arc. Harry Potter brought fantasy to people who had never before considered reading about magic and elves. Shows like The Walking Dead have enough intrigue and discussion about the human condition that non-horror fans are hanging on every episode.

Recent movies like Interstellar, Edge of Tomorrow, and even Avengers or Guardians of the Galaxy are making people re-evaluate their take on Science Fiction, Fantasy, and Comics. Or people who love drama or romance enjoy The Time Traveler’s Wife or Outlander, despite the science and fantasy that have been slipped in.

That was a long lead in, but today’s writing prompt is two parts:

1 – What types of Speculative Fiction do you like or hate? Why? Tell us in the comments.

2 – Also, in the comments tell us who you are and why you started reading QFT. I never comment either—I lurk on blogs and enjoy the discussions without participating. But in the spirit of talking Speculative Fiction AND the added bonus that any comments left through Sunday night will be added into the drawing, pop your head up and say hi. Just this once.

In summary, tell us what you do or don’t like about Speculative Fiction, tell us about yourself, and be entered to win a cool prize!

One thought on “Thursday Writing Prompt: What's to like about Speculative Fiction?

  1. I love fantasy and science fiction. I read Lord of the Rings in 8th grade and loved it. But, it wasn’t until I started reading Orson Scott Card in high school that I realized there was a whole world of sci-fi/fantasy out there that I had never experienced. I appreciate it in all shapes and forms. Now, I get to experience my kids falling in love with the genre. I wish I had read half of the fun things that are out there when I was a kid like: Harry Potter, Robin McKinley books, anything by John Flanagan, the Percy Jackson books, Garth Nix and his treasures, all of Fablehaven, etc. There are a million to choose from. I have more fun reading fantasy now than I ever did as a kid or teenager because it is so present today!!

    My friend got me interested in Quantum Fairy Tales. I’m a stay-at-home/homeschooling mom of 3.5. We like to read all day/every day. So, this website is right up my alley.

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