This Issue’s Contributors

This Issue’s Contributors

 Carissa Allen


Carissa Allen has dabbled in visual art and fantasy writing since the middle school years (a long, long, time ago…). As a wife, mother of two sassy girls, full time worker, and part time student, she struggles as of late to make her mark in the literary world. Alas, someday she will find peace and quiet and write like mad, finishing her ultimate life goal…the formidable fantasy trilogy. Aside from being a fantasy geek, she is also a bird-nerd (ornithology anyone?) and knows a multitude of useless facts about an assortment of animals. You can view more of her work on her Deviant Art page.

Tim Barzyk

Tim Barzyk

Tim Barzyk enjoys science, writing, reading, collecting old toys, and using his imagination. Why? Cuz it’s fun. He likes fun. He has a few degrees and pretty diplomas. The University of Chicago was nice enough to give him a Ph.D. in Geophysical Sciences. He sent in some box tops and got an M.S. in Environmental Science and Policy from there too. Before that, He studied Geology and Math at Indiana State University — yes, home of Larry Bird. Long live the Bird.

Dianne Biggs

I am a freelance photographer and have shot lots of different genres of photography. I enjoy being outdoors and photographing nature along with my two jack russell dogs.

I like working on the more creative side of the photographic industry, including working with talented design teams, to create images like those featured here.

The pictures in this series came about through my love of fairy/fantasy tales and I hope to create more like these in the future.

Jedd Cole


When Jedd Cole is not writing stories, one can find him brooding over the pages of other worlds both real and imaginary (but mostly imaginary), usually accompanied by his wonderful wife. His stories have appeared or are forthcoming in Daily Science Fiction, Bewildering Stories, and Plasma Frequency Magazine, among several others. Find him, his work, and his creative writing blog.

Clockwork Gnome

Leigh Statham enjoys sitting in the garden, motionless, watching the voles eat her radishes for hours at a time. (Yes, a VOLE is a real thing, not a typo. Think mole only smaller.) She also runs around a lot and writes nonsense when left alone by all the tiny gnomies that live in her home and refuse to sit still like a good gnome should. Follow her on twitter @LeighStatham or Facebook.

Mike Ebertz


I’ve been teaching all over Asia for the past seven years after having been a corporate lackey for a long time. Next stop on my journey: Scotland…by hook or by crook. I’ve been writing off and on for the past four years, and have 2 books completed, one nearly there, and another begun, not to mention several short stories. This is the first time I’ve sent something in to anyone. I hope it won’t be the last.


 Tina Hacker


Tina wanted to be Cinderella. When that didn’t work, she tried to sneak aboard the Starship Enterprise. When that didn’t work, she put a model of the Enterprise on top of her wedding cake and married a fellow Trekker. Her writing will enter earth’s atmosphere in a book of poetry titled Listening to Night Whistles with a release date from Aldrich Press of October, 2014. Her chapbook, Cutting It,was published in 2010 by The Lives You Touch Publications. Her editors are out of this world.

Amy Judy

I grew up in Idaho, as the oldest of three. I love children’s books and animated movies. My favorite artists are Bill Peet, Charles Livingston Bull, Glen Keane, Greg Manchess and Howard Pyle. I am married, my husband’s name is Paul and we have a dog named Cassie. My favorite thing to eat is salmon. My favorite mediums are charcoal, graphite and gouache. In school, I studied to be a storyboard artist. Someday I want to work in an animation studio and make movies that give people hope. I drive an old car, I don’t have much in terms of wealth, but I feel I am rich. I have a good life and I am happy.

For me art is meaning, purpose, and motivation. I firmly believe that art is a means of uniting mankind, and that it is as essential to our existence as shelter, sustenance and social interaction. I feel the most energetic and productive when I am involved in projects that give me the ability to create something that wasn’t there and bring beauty to an audience. Image-making is part of what makes me who I am. I believe I have a playfully realistic style, and I try to infuse my work with my passion.

Ninja Monkey

Eric J Ehlers wrote his first story age age 3 about a UFO that didn’t invade Earth because a small, barking dog scared them away. He’s been writing ever since, and in the last three decades has shown a modicum of improvement. Eric has previously edited and had his writing featured in the Leading Edge and The Official Time-Waster’s Guide. Currently he’s living the dream of being surrounded by beautiful women — most of them are his daughters. The cat sympathizes when he’s not killing small woodland animals.
Tweet Eric @SaintEhlers or follow his occasional blog, I Have the Conch.

Sara Norja

Sara Norja dreams in two languages and has a predilection for tea. Born in England and currently settled in Helsinki, Finland, she lives for words, dance, and moments of wonder. Her poetry has appeared in publications such as Curio, Strange Horizons, Through the Gate, Plunge Magazine, Niteblade, and Interfictions, and is forthcoming in Goblin Fruit. She blogs.

Alice Osborn

Kinsey Painter

Kinsey, a ninth-grade home schooler, spends most of her time secluded in her room reading and writing random stories, but when she ventures out you can find her playing the piano, cheering her brother on at baseball games, preparing for Mock Trial, or practicing for her next role in the local Christian Youth Theater.

Warren Rochelle


Warren Rochelle has taught English at the University of Mary Washington since 2000. Rochelle’s short fiction and poetry have appeared in various journals, including the North Carolina Literary Review, Forbidden Lines, Aboriginal Science Fiction, Colonnades, Graffiti, Collective Fallout, Queer Fish 2, and Icarus, as well as the Asheville Poetry Review, GW Magazine, Crucible, The Charlotte Poetry Review, and Romance and Beyond. His short story, “The Golden Boy (published in The Silver Gryphon) was a Finalist for the 2004 Gaylactic Spectrum Award for Best Short Story.

Rochelle is the author of three novels: The Wild Boy (2001), Harvest of Changelings (2007), and The Called (2010), all published by Golden Gryphon Press. He also published a critical work on Le Guin and academic articles in various journals and essay collections.

He is at work on a collection of gay-themed science fiction and fantasy short stories and has just finished a novel about a gay werewolf and his godling-boyfriend. His novel, The Golden Boy, an alternate history/ fantasy is presently being considered for publication.

Ross Smeltzer

Photo for Submission

I was raised in Chatham, New York; a small town in the Berkshires that looks like the setting of a Washington Irving tale. I grew up in the deep woods and was infected by a tenacious Romanticism, which no amount of time in urban settings has yet cured. I am now located in Dallas, Texas, where I live with my patient, tremendously supportive wife, our seemingly brainless terrier, and our anarchic and unhinged cat. I am currently working as a freelance writer. I have seen four of my stories published in Bewildering Stories magazine, and plan to continue writing fiction. It will likely be of the fantastic sort. My imagination – corrupted in adolescence by Hawthorne, Bierce, Lovecraft, and other purveyors of strangeness – only seems capable of producing weird fiction. I’m quite alright with that.



Rosie the riveter by day, starving artist by night, cowgirl in between!


Call me Sunshine. I was born on the east coast, but moved west with my family in a wagon–a station wagon (I am old but not that old). Somewhere between then and now I grew up, got an English degree, a law degree, married, defended criminals, raised a couple of kids who sometimes acted like criminals, moved to the northwest, and have finally come full circle back to the east. All that time I have read mountains of speculative fiction and dabbled in writing the same. I am working now on making writing speculative fiction my full time career.

Christine Torres

I have been a make-up artist for three years and have a passion for creating extravagant artistic make-up. I am inspired by many different spectrums of ideas using all kinds of inspirations, elaborate styling and trends from various epoch in history.
I strive continuously in honing my skills in creating special effects and prosthetics together with body painting and face painting and believe that every good, independent professional should always invest in their development and adapt their technique to the changing trends in the industry.

Elicia Louise Wilson

I started modelling 2 years ago when I was 13 and I soon discovered that it is a lot of hard work but can be very rewarding.

I love the arts and greek mythology and hope to study psychology at university when I graduate from high school.

The pictures that are featured here have fulfilled my dream of being published in a magazine, which a year ago seemed impossible to me, and I love that they are based on a fairyland theme.

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