Apocalypse Boys

Apocalypse Boys

Clunk and bolt
And scrape and grind;
Fallout Billy and his band
dig through the heaps-
so many little rabbits.
Dirty brown little rabbits,
starving in the pits of
what survived.

Blisters and bleeding
and twisted hungry guts;
Their survival depends on
digging out what’s left over.
Back in the way backs,
a can, a boot, a chunk of chocolate.
Oh, how the little beasties
miss chocolate.

Fingers raw and nails eaten
And hair matted and chins
just starting to show stubble.
The bunnies of youth are
too long in the leg,
too long in the tooth.
They will make it.
They will survive.
As long as they don’t
make stew of
each other first.

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