Hey, Gail.

Hey, Gail.

I do, and I think I have made this mistake myself. 

It’s not just Batman, for a long time, mental illness has been shorthand for ‘evil’ in comics, in the same way that any physical difference has. 

In a way, it makes a character like Deadpool downright progressive at times. 

I am trying to be a lot more sensitive about it. I think if you look at the Batgirl Annual #2 with Poison Ivy, or the end of my Sensation Comics story, or Burden, or even the end of my Batgirl run with Knightfall, you can see that I am trying to step on that trope.

There are ways to have bat-villains, and other villains, be scary and not resort to trivializing and stereotyping. I think a lot of writers are waking up to this. I would be very surprised if Gotham looks the same in five years. 

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