The Death of Batman

The Death of Batman

DeathofBatmanBatman turned to Robin.

There’s a man out there.
He’s flying low, hell bent on our destruction.
We must conquer.

But Robin just wasn’t feeling it.

He pulled at his tights and scratched under his mask.
He flipped through the notifications on his batPhone.

I’m not sure I’m up to conquering tonight, Bruce.

Batman took the turn too quickly.
Robin slammed against the door.

I wish you wouldn’t drive so fast.
Do you even know where this guy is?
Who this guy is?

Batman pointed to the GPS.

I can feeeeeeel him, Robin.
He’s very near.

Robin locked his phone and tucked it into his utility belt.
He sat up in his seat and put his hands on the dashboard-
Ready for the lurch.

I think I need to talk to someone professional.
I think I need a change.
Crime fighting just isn’t what it used to be.
NSA and all, screening our every move….

Batman cut him off.

Here. He’s here. My bat-sense has confirmed it.

The tires screamed against the road.
The Batmobile came to a sudden stop
in front of an abandoned warehouse
on the dark side of Gothem.

I’m thinking about maybe trying
The University of Phoenix.
You know, I’ve always been good with computers.

Batman lept out the opening in the roof and
Charged into the dark building.

Robin sat.

Eventually he became aware of a beat –
More than his heart.
Outside the black car.

Another warehouse, beyond Batman’s –
Humming, sparkling, spinning, thumping
A sweet house-mix beat.

Unlike Batman’s flourish,
Robin opened the door,
stepped decidedly into the night.
Walked towards the rave.

A rave.
That’s what I need.
And maybe a new tattoo.
Then tomorrow I’m calling University of Phoenix.


One thought on “The Death of Batman

  1. Ha! I love this. However old Batman may get, Robin will always be so very young, and yet I like how he is so tired of the business. He seems to be in a mid-life crisis and yet so like teenagers we know, “He pulled at his tights and scratched under his mask.
    He flipped through the notifications on his batPhone”. Those are my favorite lines. Poor Batman, he has endured so much and now a wandering Robin. Great job!

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