Disgrace the Demon

Disgrace the Demon

Task: Make Hitler a laughingstock.

Spotlights turned night into day on the Zeppelinfeld–Hitler’s fairground—when evening parades awed thousands. Nearby, inside a building bearing the omnipresent Reich Eagle and swastika, generators spat electricity at the spectacles.  Unlike other wartime buildings, this one is not a ruin. It still stands, visible to passers by. Golem could destroy it, but ridiculing Hitler was more delicious.

Golem tried to conjure a symbol of American life, something that would rankle Hitler’s ashes. Nothing political or obvious; rejected flags, statues, autos, Oscars and the Constitution. Then the perfect icon appeared, the hamburger.

The competition began: offerings under yellow arches, meat squares from Wendy, burgers smashed, broiled, made of turkey, chicken and soy, but the Whopper—the giant among burgers—won. A Burger King opened in the generator building in July, 2006.*

Golem, the first customer, visited only once. He admired the bright neon sign not far from the shadow left by the Reich Eagle as he downed several dozen Whoppers between guffaws. The servers were glad he didn’t visit a second time.

Such a mess to clean. And that strange laughter.

*Actual event

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2 thoughts on “Disgrace the Demon

  1. Thank you. This is a true story. I couldn’t pass up the opportunity to make fun of Hitler now that his much vaunted generator building is now a Burger King.

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