Science for Fiction – Share Your Life: Every Minute of It.

Science for Fiction – Share Your Life: Every Minute of It.

In real time even.

Imagine if you could have a front-row seat at the Oscars. Or watch life through the eyes of a four-year-old. Or take the first steps on Mars.

Forget cameras, soon eyeglasses and even contact lenses will be able to record every minute of your life. You could broadcast everything you see and hear in real time. People can watch your life unfold online or through their own lenses.

All day long. Every minute, every second of the day.

Talk about seeing life through someone else’s eyes.

Slip a pair onto a bumbling toddler! Check out their interests first-hand. Careful not to become disoriented as they hobble about. And hope you’re not too grossed out by stuff, cuz from a toddler’s view even dog poop looks intriguing.

Join a hashtag group! Everyone in the world who’s baking cookies tonight, stream your view with #bakingcookies and connect with everyone else! See who’s tackling what – who’s making snickerdoodles and who, chocolate chip. Watch as they keep an eye on them in the oven. Sign up as friends and chat as you bake. Watch them peel the cookies off the pan and lift one to their mouth for that first bite. And they’ll see you do the same. Don’t just exchange text or pictures, share the experience!

Everything they see and hear, delivered straight to you!

Day-in-the-life programming would be non-stop! Talk about a reality show. Pound the pavement with the NYPD. See the world of a religious fanatic. Watch a day in the life of an inner city youth unfold. Slip on a pair when you’re getting intimate – but you might want to ask first.

Viewing is easy! A crystal-clear image is displayed directly onto your retina, mimicking your natural vision. You don’t have to be glued in front of a screen to watch – you’ve got eyewear of your own! Stand up, go to the fridge, walk to school, take a pee – watch from anywhere. Don’t miss a single second!
Immerse yourself in someone else’s experience. Clothing is already being developed that can sense your mood, so even that could be transferred as part of the experience. As thought transference technology continues to develop, you won’t just be told how the person’s feeling; you’ll be able to feel how they’re feeling.

All the time.


3 thoughts on “Science for Fiction – Share Your Life: Every Minute of It.

  1. I think my head just exploded. I have a hard time figuring out what I’m feeling half the time, not sure I could handle someone else’s feelings. Seriously not signing up to watch someone pee, but hey… that cookie club… hmmmm.

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