Strange Charms: Is this What You Wanted?

Strange Charms: Is this What You Wanted?

Sometimes it’s easy to get disheartened. A volunteer effort takes personal time and has no tangible rewards. But we had more submissions and support for this issue than we could shake an android dog at. It was astounding. And it wasn’t just quantity, but quality too. I was stunned. That sort of enthusiasm is impossible to ignore. It reminded me what I helped start QFT for: to have one more venue where speculative fiction fans and creators to meet up. It appears to be working

I suffered at least 2 new kinds of physical trauma during the production of this issue. And probably 3 or more emotional/mental problems. I was largely vacant for the last month.

For that reason, this issue introduction is entirely dedicated to the rest of the staff who pulled most of this issue together without me. They’re all volunteers, and I have no right to expect anything from them. Yet through funerals, marathons, home schooling, and any other life obstacle, they’ve gotten the job done. They are all awesome.

And so I dedicate this partially colored Supergirl costume re-design to The Ruby-eyed Cyborg (who did a ton of emailing and getting stuff done even when we didn’t realize she was doing it – we would sullenly start on the task only to realize it was already done), The Seaside Sprite (who whipped the staff into shape on multiple occasions and seems to be able to conjure submitters out of nowhere), and The Clockwork Gnome (who both creates new content faster than I sneeze and could probably edit the Encyclopedia Britannica in a month if forced to). You’re the best staff I could ask for helping.

Supergirl in Pink

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