Golem Gets Tattooed

Golem Gets Tattooed

Task: Find the Coolest Design

Golem. studied books of flowers,
dragons, stars, wings, naked
dancers, Super- Spider- Bat-
man, rejected Walmart, Starbucks,
Hello Kitty logos.

Bypassing piercing, punching,
pricking, scratching, Golem
settled for a modern tattoo gun
and “Sue Stinga.” a smokin’ ink
maven from Chicago’s south side.

Selected calligraphy. “Golem, Golem,
Golem,” repeated in exotic
fonts on his arms, legs, forehead
and one butt cheek.

Positive his solution belonged
in the annals of tat couture,
Golem injected his inked body into
the grounds of the Smithsonian.

11 thoughts on “Golem Gets Tattooed

  1. The golem (a mythic character from Jewish folklore) is an imaginative choice of subject. Ms. Hacker captures its essence in a playful, original way. Well done.

  2. The Smithsonian? Golem’s contribution preserves the grace and beauty of calligraphy for generations to come. What a genius! Thanks, Tina!

  3. Tina’s poetic depiction of Golem folklore is refreshing and imaginative. The idea that a conjured creature might make frivolous choices with it’s limited existence is hilarious! Wonderful writing and vivid imagery brings this Golem to life.

  4. Interesting concept! I believe the Golem is still hising out in that synagogue in Prague. He should definitely have tattoos.

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