Gnomie Giveaway – Halloween at Last!

Gnomie Giveaway – Halloween at Last!

Happy Halloween! And Happy Birthday to us! This marks the one year anniversary of Quantum Fairy Tales. I’d get all choked up and emotional about it, but then my fake eye lashes would fall off – can’t have that.

But in all seriousness, it’s been an incredible year. Our contributors and staff have created this lovely little cog work nest to work in and the only thing that could make it any better would be the addition of Aussie Owned & Read to our list of conspirators.

A Nightmare in Australia – Boo!

Take a gander at their blog hop of spookiness this week and don’t miss the TREATS! That’s right, every blog on their list has a give away – including ours!

To win a QFT prize, all you have to do is leave a comment with a valid email address somewhere in our current issue. We’ll take all comments, throw them in a hat and draw out a winner (cause we’re old school like that) on  November 13th. And just to sweeten the deal a bit, each story, poem or piece of artwork you comment on will give you an additional entry. So if you comment on four stories and five poems, that’s NINE entries kids. Doesn’t get better than that.

What will you win?

1st prize – A ninja monkey massage!

Just kidding.. I don’t think that’s legal.. trying again…

1st prize – Gift card to – best nerd stuff EVER!
2nd prize – Star for the day on our blog – we’ll interview you and put your work on our blog for all the world to see. Including any links for any stuff you might be pitching these days.

3rd prize – Free in depth critique – Sure, we send feedback to all our submissions, but we’re talking a free critique of your choice. Send us a first chapter, poem, painting, or query and we’ll help you rip it up or praise you from the mountains.

So get out there, read some stuff, and start commenting!

Rules – No nastiness. Please keep comments constructive and supportive and free of expletives.We hold the power of the delete button at the tips of our fingers.

Hope to see your submission in the coming year.

CHEERS!The Gnomies






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