Strange Charms – What is Us?

Strange Charms – What is Us?

I’m a weird sort of gnome. I’ve never been very good at settling into any given role. In grade school I loved every subject. In high school I had friends in nearly every social circle. It took me four full years of college to pick a major. I dated at least 500 guys before I found the perfect gnome for me. I’m just not very good at accepting a label or committing to anything permanent. Even now I hate to fill out the part of most standard forms that says: OCCUPATION. (Gnome is generally frowned upon as an answer.)

My writing mirrors my life. I’ve written everything from fantasy to poetry to horror, even special needs parenting articles, for fun. If someone asks me what genre I write in it would be really difficult to explain my tastes if it weren’t for the lovely term speculative fiction. Everything I’ve written, except the articles, falls under the beautifully huge umbrella of speculative fiction. What is SpecFic? (I’m lazy, so that’s how I most often refer to it in type.) Let’s delve into the internet to find out.

Hot off the presses of Wikapedia: Speculative fiction is an umbrella term encompassing the more fantastical fiction genres, specifically science fiction, fantasy, horror, weird fiction, supernatural fiction, superhero fiction, utopian and dystopian fiction, apocalyptic and post-apocalyptic fiction, and alternate history in literature as well as related static, motion, and virtual arts.

I like to think this issue of Quantum Fairy Tales covers more of the bases of SpecFic than any other issue we’ve lovingly compiled to date. There’s a little bit of everything for everyone. Maybe you’ll skip over the poetry (I highly suggest you not do this) or maybe you’re just here for the fantastic artwork (you should read a little bit too,) or maybe you can’t wait to drink up every spec of the whole zine. Whatever brings you here, we hope you find something you like. Maybe you won’t like it all, and that’s ok. Not every gnome is as spastic as I am. We’re just glad you’re here and we hope you stay under our umbrella for a while. It’s cozy.

The Clockwork Gnome

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